Daily Noontime – January 17, 2012

Once again, Boston struggled on the hardwood, as Oklahoma City defeated the Green and White! (Photo Credit: Zimbio.com)

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Good Tuesday morning to everyone, and welcome into another tremendous edition of the Daily Noontime.

* The Boston Celtics earned their fifth consecutive loss, as well as eighth of the season on Monday when the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Green and White, 97-88. Boston will return to the court on Wednesday when they welcome the Toronto Raptors to the Garden.

* The Boston Bruins picked up an important win on the road, as they edged out the Florida Panthers in shootouts, 3-2. Patrice Bergeron scored twice, while David Krejci cashed in on the game winner during the shootout period. The Black and Gold will continue their road trip on Tuesday against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

* According to reports – The Boston Red Sox have agreed to terms with left-hander Franklin Morales. Also, the Boston Globe confirmed that the club avoided an arbitration hearing with the 25-year-old.

* New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick commended Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed on the radio by saying, “He’s got great instincts… he’s a magnet to the ball.” Reed ended Sunday’s game with an interception, as well as sustained a sprain on his ankle, too. Yet, don’t expect the experience veteran to sit out the AFC Championship at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.

Emerson’s Jim O’Brien Profiled In The Boston Globe

By NoontimeSports.com 

There really hasn’t been too much news over the past few days pertaining toward Division III college basketball in Massachusetts, but on Tuesday, the Boston Globe’s Bob Hohler wrote an interesting profile on Jim O’Brien, who is the Emerson College men’s basketball head coach.

O’Brien has coached for a variety of well established Division I college basketball teams over the years, such as Boston College and Ohio State, but according to Hohler’s article, the head coach seems quite content with his current position.

The Lions have only recorded one win this season, which came against Suffolk University, but then ended the first semester with a three consecutive losses. Emerson will attempt to snap their three-game skid on Saturday, Jan. 7, when they travel to Anna Maria College.

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Noonan: This Red Sox Team Is A Mess

The 2011 Boston Red Sox was a complete disaster!

By Matt Noonan 

Let’s face it – the Boston Red Sox are a complete disaster.

General Manager Theo Epstein constructed this mess and now, he’s most likely headed to Chicago to resurrect the “Loveable Losers,” but it’s not exactly certain.

Yes, sources have confirmed that he’s gone, and have packed his bags, which leave many Sox fans quite disappointed, especially since we all adopted the idea that in Theo we trust, right? OK, he’s not Bill Belichick, but he did win two World Series titles, so I am sure some believed he was the man who was going to turn two back-to-back losing seasons into gold, as well as another championship too.

Yet, while Theo played hardball with the media, beat writers, correspondents and bloggers fired back at the front office and their team.

On Thursday, the Boston Globe’s Bob Hohler provided the ultimate press-pass to  his readers, which had plenty of dirt and information on this so-called “collapse.” Hohler reemphasized the drinking issues, which was mentioned in a Boston Herald article recently, as well as highlighted Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and John Lackey’s fraternity parties in the team’s clubhouse during games. Finally, we also learned that team owner John Henry bribed his bunch of ignorant brats with $300 headphones and night on his yacht, but that didn’t help Boston overcome their September swoon.

So, while the days get shorter and the nights get longer, Red Sox fans are faced with many tough questions and thoughts.

Why exactly did Theo decide to interview for the Chicago Cubs General Manager position?

Why didn’t anyone in the Red Sox front office consider re-signing Manager Terry Francona to a new contract?

Can someone explain to me, why Beckett, Lester and Lackey felt it was necessary to play video games, drink beers and play videogames during Sox games?

Finally, where do we go from here? Also, who’s going to manage this club and who’s most likely to be the squad’s next GM?

Well, for starters, it seems most likely that Ben Cherington will be Boston’s newest version of Theo, yet that leaves one big void… a manager.

Don’t try to convince me by saying, “Joe Torre or Tony La Russa are the right guys for this team” because really, they’re not.

The Red Sox need a Bill Parcells or a Bobby Knight to come into this disgruntled clubhouse and change things around. Hey, maybe Knight would be the right guy, especially since he’s a master at throwing chairs.

Yet, while we wait patiently and ponder, what will the next move be in this epic game of “baseball chess,” I think it’s fair to state once again, this Red Sox team is a complete dysfunctional family. They need help. They need someone who can clean house, and press the restart button. Yet, unfortunately, this isn’t a videogame or monopoly, so we can’t avoid take fake money and throw it out the window, but the Sox do need someone who’ll get the team back on the right tracks.

It’s going to be a long off-season, so put on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride because come February and March, we’ll have a brand new ballgame.

Daily Noontime – July 6, 2011

Remember when the "Rocket" was a member of the Red Sox?

Happy Hump Day from Noontime Sports and welcome into yet another, but wonderful Daily Noontime! Here’s the day’s headlines and news, so enjoy! 


* The seven-time Cy Young Award winning pitcher, Roger Clemens will have plenty more to say on Wednesday in regards to if he did or did not use steroids.

* According to Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe, he believes “Clemens [is] already in a jam.”

* Well, the NBA apparently has responded to “accusations of lying about finances.” Uh oh!

* So, all we hear these days in regards to the NFL Lockout is it’s close, but what exactly does that mean? Anyone have some answers?

* Good news for the Phoenix Coyotes, who officially locked up all-star defenseman Keith Yandle for five-years.

* So, it’s official, Tiger Woods won’t be playing in the British Open this summer, which makes us wonder, where is he?

Games to Watch: 

* Seattle at Oakland (MLB) – 3:35pm eastern 

* Toronto at Boston (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern 

* Cincinnati at St. Louis (MLB) – 8:15pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Remember when the New York Yankees welcomed back Roger Clemens? 

Greg Bedard (Boston Globe) on Noontime Sports the Podcast

Greg Bedard from the Boston Globe joined Noontime Sports on Monday to discuss the upcoming Jets-Patriots contest, as well as talk about a few other NFL games to watch throughout the Divisional Round.

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