The Return Of Rudolph The Red Sox Reindeer


Our good friends over at Boston Sports Then and Now recently released an interesting story on Tuesday pertaining toward the Boston Red Sox holiday greeting card, which featured a mythical character named Rudolph The Red Sox Reindeer.

According to the article, the Red Sox didn’t exactly have the rights to use the various artistic drawings and pictures from Character Arts, who own the rights to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.

Last October, a local sports marketing firm had this brilliant idea to obtain licensing for Rudolph and the Boston Red Sox and create a children’s story book where David Ortiz Helps Rudolph Save Christmas. All the proceeds from the sale of the book would support his charitable foundation. They were unable to come to terms with David, so they approached the Boston Red Sox with the story idea instead. Ultimately, however, the deal fell through because Character Arts was unable to provide licensing for Rudolph’s usage.

As explained by Ashish Sharma from Character Arts to the agency: “I spoke with the team and in short, while we love the idea, the charitable component and the baseball players involved, we cannot move forward due to the fact that Rudolph has not never [sic] been brought out of the fictional realm.” Sharma added “When it comes to the brand, we are very careful to safeguard its current mythological reverence and this often leads to having to make tough decisions such as this one.”

The article continued to provide more information on this whole dilemma when it stated following:

Well, it turns out the Red Sox liked the idea too much to let lack of a license slow them down, and they opted to proceed anyhow. According to Sharma later that same evening, there was still no deal. “Nothing has changed (and thank you for bringing this to our attention) – this use is unauthorized and will be dealt with appropriately.”

So, did the Boston Red Sox violate copyright infringement or was this a total misunderstanding?

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NFL Draft Talk with Carl Desberg

The 2011 NFL Draft is upon us, which means Noontime Sports is ready for the first round to begin on Thursday. So, with that being said, here is our conversation with Carl Desberg (Boston Sports Then and Now) about the Draft itself, as well as the NFL Lockout and New England Patriots.

Matt Noonan: What would you say is the biggest and most important item the Patriots need to address in the NFL Draft?

Carl Desberg: Offensive line – protect Tom Brady. Matt Light a free agent. If they don’t draft a tackle, it gives him a lot of leverage. Also, on the interior, Logan Mankins is unhappy and Dan Connolly is very solid backup, but has never been asked to do it for more than 16 games, (although he proved durable and versatile last year).

MN: Going into the draft, which Patriots unit could be considered the weakest? Which one is the strongest? Also, how can the weaker unit be improved, if not through the Draft?

CD: The obvious answer is outside linebacker, which is the weakest Patriots unite. I’ll venture to say wide receiver for sake of the argument.

Wes Welker, I believe is entering the last year of his deal, Deion Branch is solid receiver in the Patriots system, but also is entering his last year too. Brandon Tate is inconsistent, although does help spread the field. Second year player Taylor Price looked very good in week 17 last season after being inactive for practically the entire year.

Improved if not through the draft? Chad Ochocinco! Strongest position has to be the quarterback, duh! Brady just signed a lucrative extension and backup Brian Hoyer is a well respected and affordable backup.

MN: Out of all the college players who are entering the draft this year, which will have the most promising career?

CD: I’ll say, Anthony Castonzo from Boston College. He could be a bookend on the line for over a decade for any team. Boston College does an exceptional job with producing great offensive lineman. 

MN: Yes, the Judge lifted the NFL Lockout ban on Monday, but still, so much has to occur before players can actually work out and return to their day-to-day roles with the organization. How much has this current off-season downgraded the NFL as a whole and in your opinion, will there be a season come September? Yes or No? Why?

CD: I don’t think the NFL has been downgraded. If no games are missed (and it sounds like owners and players may be forced to head back to the bargaining tables), then a new CBA will strengthen the league as a whole for years to come. Any new deal will improve the game and league, one would have to think.

MN:How much would not having a NFL season hurt the league, players and fans? Would college football then dominate the football world? Would football fans flock to the NHL or MLB instead?

CD: I don’t think it would affect fans, especially if games were missed. 

MN: Finally, assuming that there is a season, which Patriots game on the schedule will be one of those “can’t miss games?”

CD: Both games against the Jets are can’t miss television, especially after their playoff loss this past season. They are truly the Patriots rival passing the Indianapolis Colts.

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Jon Fucile on Noontime Sports the Podcast

Jon Fucile from Days of Y’Orr, Boston Sports Then and Now and Wicked Good Sports joined Noontime Sports the Podcast on Friday to talk about the Boston Bruins season, as well as look ahead to the final few months of the regular season.

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Carl Desberg (Boston Sports Then and Now) on Noontime Sports the Podcast

Carl Desberg from Boston Sports Then and Now joined Noontime Sports the Podcast on Monday to discuss the upcoming Patriots-Jets playoff contest, as well as a few other NFL games too.

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