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Under The Helmet With Endicott College Quarterback Joe Kalosky

A last second touchdown pass by Endicott College quarterback Joe Kalosky helped the Gulls score an exciting week two win over Bridgewater State. (PHOTO CREDIT: Matt Noonan/Noontime Sports)

By NoontimeSports.com (@NoontimeSports) 

It’s been an exciting week for the Endicott College sophomore signal-caller Joe Kalosky, who guided his team to an improbable comeback last Saturday against Bridgewater State.

Kalosky’s last second heave – a 31-yard touchdown pass to Sheilan Velazquez – helped the Gulls pick-up their initial win of the season, as well as gain some exciting traction, both on television and social media. Kalosky, along with coach Kevin DeWall, appeared on SportsCenter AM five days ago to discuss the exciting win, which had New England D3 football fans eager for more football this week.

This week, Kalsoky and the Gulls will visit MIT on Saturday, September 16th at 1 p.m. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The two teams met last season with Endicott claiming a 21-9 win, thanks to the now sophomore quarterback, who completed the game with 145 passing yards, along with a rushing touchdown in the opening session.

Noontime Sports recently caught-up with Kalosky to discuss his team’s exciting week two victory over the Bears of Bridgewater State.

It’s been a few days since your team’s exciting win over Bridgewater State, so tell me what the past few days have been like? 

The weekend was an exciting time for both our school and football program. However, after our Sunday meetings, our team completely shifted our focus to MIT. We’re not dwelling on the past. We are focused on MIT.

Have you ever led a game-winning drive like you did last Saturday in high school or perhaps in the backyard with friends? 

When I played for Holy Cross High School in Waterbury, Connecticut, I had a similar win on Thanksgiving Day during my junior year against Wolcott High School. We received a kickoff after their go-ahead touchdown with about 40 seconds remaining – we were down by five points. We ran a few plays to get in arms distance of the end zone. We snapped the ball with less than 10 seconds left from the 41-yard line. We had a “Big Ben” play designed and ran it perfectly – technically, how it was drawn up. I threw it high and into the end zone and my receiver tapped it backwards to a trailing receiver which one-handed-it and walked into the end zone. We won 39-38.

Here is Kalosky’s game-winning touchdown pass from Thanksgiving Day 2013. 

How does a win like last week help the squad going into not just this week, but the next few weeks? 

I believe last week’s win helped us establish the mentality of never giving up. We played hard from the first to last snap. And its a win that will give us momentum (going forward) – is also a step forward for us in becoming the team we want to be, too.

Heading into this week’s clash with MIT, what are a few things you and the offense must do to be successful? 

Heading into the MIT game (this Saturday, September 16th), we need to clean-up the aspects that we can control (on both sides of the ball). We hurt ourselves offensively too much during the first two weeks, but we have talent and just need to put it all together, so all eleven guys are on the same page.

Who is your all-time favorite quarterback? 

Brett Favre. Growing up, I loved to watch his competitiveness and will to win. He had a strong arm and believed he could make any throw in the game (at any time). I admired his uncharacteristic and spontaneous plays, too. He made something out of nothing and the play was never dead in his mind.

Have you always played quarterback? If not, what other positions did you play growing up? 

Mostly, I have always played quarterback since I was younger, but I did play linebacker on defense.

It is a cliché question, but what do you enjoy most about the sport of football? How has it helped you be successful off the gridiron? 

I enjoy the competitiveness and camaraderie of the sport. Football has helped me be successful off the field by working well and communicating with others along with always having the competitive instinct.

You are majoring in Educational Studies. Tell me why you chose this major and what you hope to do with it after graduation in 2020? 

I chose this major because I want to make a difference in kids’ lives. After graduation, I would like to get a job as a teacher in either a fourth or fifth grade urban area classroom. I would like to help kids that may not have much outside of the classroom and build them up to become a successful person.

Finally, what is your all-time favorite football movie? 

My all-time favorite football movie is Friday Night Lights. This movie came out when I was playing youth football and it painted a picture of what football in my life would be like. This movie prompted me to play football in high school and eventually I made the decision to continue playing football at the collegiate level.

Daily Noontime – December 7, 2011

The Jets defeated the Bruins for the first time this season on Tuesday! (Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports)

Happy “Hump Day” to everyone, and welcome into another quality edition of the Daily Noontime! Here’s some headlines, news and more! 


*Winnipeg handed the Boston Bruins their first loss since October on Tuesday, as the Jets won, 2-1.

* Albert Pujols has yet to make a decision about joining the Florida Marlins. However, as of recently, the St. Louis Cardinals have offered their former slugger $220 million for 10 seasons.

* According to MLB.com — Sources have confirmed that the Seattle Mariners are downplaying their chatter about acquiring Prince Fielder.

* NFL.com has confirmed that the Chicago Bears aren’t interested in acquiring former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

* On Wednesday, the NFL will make an announcement regarding their week 15 flex game, which could entail having New England and Denver square off on Sunday evening instead of the afternoon.

* On Tuesday, the NFL finance committee voted to recommend “Shahid Khan’s bid to buy the [Jacksonville] Jaguars.”

Games to Watch:

* Washington at Ottawa (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at Buffalo (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Perhaps this was Tyler Seguin‘s alarm clock, which didn’t go off on time! 

The Texans Quarterback Woes Continue

With Matt Leinart sidelined with an injury, who'll the Texans sign to play quarterback?

By Matt Noonan 

After defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Texans learned after the team’s eighth victory of the season that back-up quarterback Matt Leinart would most likely miss the remainder of the season after suffering a collarbone injury on Sunday.

With Leinart sidelined, the Texans were forced to play T.J. Yates, who finished the game completing 8-of-15 passes for 70 yards.

However, if the Texans want to continue their winning ways, they’ll most likely want to acquire a veteran quarterback with experience. NFL.com compiled a list of possible quarterbacks that Houston could sign, and yes, Brett Favre was one of the names mentioned.

Here’s the article, along with a list of quarterbacks that Texans might consider signing prior to next Sunday’s affair against Atlanta.

Daily Noontime — November 16, 2011

Coach K. has officially surpassed Bobby Knight as the winningest basketball coach in Division I NCAA Basketball!

Alright, it’s “hump day,” which means … the weekend is almost here, and the week is almost over, wahoo! Here’s some headlines, news and more, enjoy! 


* Duke University’s Mike Krzyzewski officially became the winningest head coach in college basketball on Tuesday, as the Blue Devils beat Michigan State, 74-69.

* Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub recently admitted that he’s quite “bummed” about ending his season.

* With Schaub injured, could the Texans consider acquiring Brett Favre to their roster?

* Justin Verlander added some hardware to his collection on Tuesday, as he was named the American League Cy Young Award winner.

* The Boston Bruins stretched their winning streak to six games on Tuesday, as the Black and Gold defeated the New Jersey Devils, 4-3.

Games to Watch: 

* Carolina at Montreal (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* New Jersey at Buffalo (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern 

* Chicago at Vancouver (NHL) – 10:00pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

This is called breaking a world record – riding a 90 foot wave! 

Tony Romo’s Big NFL Wins

Romo has done well under pressure, yet can he lead Dallas to their third win against New England on Sunday?

By Matt Noonan 

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys will invade Foxborough, Massachusetts on Sunday and certainly, they’d like to walk off the field with their third win of the season in their back pocket.

In some ways, this is a “must win” for the Boys; yet, it’s also an important game for Romo, who has been Jekyll and Hyde all season. However, Dallas’s gunslinger has won some “big games” and certainly, I think he’d like to add this one to his heroic resume.

Here are some games that Romo has helped Dallas prevail with an important win.

Dallas 21 – Indianapolis 14 (Nov. 19, 2006) Against the Colts, Romo completed 19-of-23 passes for 226 yards, and tossed one interception, but received some additional help from running back Mario Barber, who rushed for two fourth quarter scores. This game was a significant stepping-stone for Romo, as he and his team handed the Colts their first loss of the season and ended their nine-game winning streak.

Dallas 37 – Green Bay 27 (Nov. 29, 2007)In a game that decided the top seed in the NFC conference, Romo led Dallas to an impressive 11th win, as well as tossed four touchdown passes too. Besides completing 19-of-30 passes and finishing with 309 yards through the air, Romo also relied on his running game, and wide receiver Terrell Owens, who led the Cowboys receiving core with seven catches for 156 yards and one touchdown.

Dallas 24 – New Orleans 17 (Dec. 19, 2009)In a critical “must win” contest, Dallas yet again handed another undefeated squad their first loss of the season, as well as watched Romo tear apart the Saints secondary for one touchdown and 22 completions. Yet, besides Romo’s ability to remain comfortable in the pocket and make smart reads, linebacker DeMarcus Ware recorded two sacks and two forced fumbles, which helped Dallas earn their ninth win of the ’09 season.

Dallas 34 – Philadelphia 14 (Jan. 9, 2010)Despite losing two playoff games against New York and Seattle, Romo finally won his first postseason contest, as well as tossed two touchdowns in the win. Yet, despite their exciting victory against the Eagles on this particular day, Dallas’s playoff run ended in Minnesota a week later, as Brett Favre and the Vikings pulverized the Cowboys in the NFC Divisional round by a score of 34-3.