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Under The Helmet With Endicott College Quarterback Joe Kalosky


A last second touchdown pass by Endicott College quarterback Joe Kalosky helped the Gulls score an exciting week two win over Bridgewater State. (PHOTO CREDIT: Matt Noonan/Noontime Sports)

By NoontimeSports.com (@NoontimeSports) 

It’s been an exciting week for the Endicott College sophomore signal-caller Joe Kalosky, who guided his team to an improbable comeback last Saturday against Bridgewater State.

Kalosky’s last second heave – a 31-yard touchdown pass to Sheilan Velazquez – helped the Gulls pick-up their initial win of the season, as well as gain some exciting traction, both on television and social media. Kalosky, along with coach Kevin DeWall, appeared on SportsCenter AM five days ago to discuss the exciting win, which had New England D3 football fans eager for more football this week.

This week, Kalsoky and the Gulls will visit MIT on Saturday, September 16th at 1 p.m. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The two teams met last season with Endicott claiming a 21-9 win, thanks to the now sophomore quarterback, who completed the game with 145 passing yards, along with a rushing touchdown in the opening session.

Noontime Sports recently caught-up with Kalosky to discuss his team’s exciting week two victory over the Bears of Bridgewater State.

It’s been a few days since your team’s exciting win over Bridgewater State, so tell me what the past few days have been like? 

The weekend was an exciting time for both our school and football program. However, after our Sunday meetings, our team completely shifted our focus to MIT. We’re not dwelling on the past. We are focused on MIT.

Have you ever led a game-winning drive like you did last Saturday in high school or perhaps in the backyard with friends? 

When I played for Holy Cross High School in Waterbury, Connecticut, I had a similar win on Thanksgiving Day during my junior year against Wolcott High School. We received a kickoff after their go-ahead touchdown with about 40 seconds remaining – we were down by five points. We ran a few plays to get in arms distance of the end zone. We snapped the ball with less than 10 seconds left from the 41-yard line. We had a “Big Ben” play designed and ran it perfectly – technically, how it was drawn up. I threw it high and into the end zone and my receiver tapped it backwards to a trailing receiver which one-handed-it and walked into the end zone. We won 39-38.

Here is Kalosky’s game-winning touchdown pass from Thanksgiving Day 2013. 

How does a win like last week help the squad going into not just this week, but the next few weeks? 

I believe last week’s win helped us establish the mentality of never giving up. We played hard from the first to last snap. And its a win that will give us momentum (going forward) – is also a step forward for us in becoming the team we want to be, too.

Heading into this week’s clash with MIT, what are a few things you and the offense must do to be successful? 

Heading into the MIT game (this Saturday, September 16th), we need to clean-up the aspects that we can control (on both sides of the ball). We hurt ourselves offensively too much during the first two weeks, but we have talent and just need to put it all together, so all eleven guys are on the same page.

Who is your all-time favorite quarterback? 

Brett Favre. Growing up, I loved to watch his competitiveness and will to win. He had a strong arm and believed he could make any throw in the game (at any time). I admired his uncharacteristic and spontaneous plays, too. He made something out of nothing and the play was never dead in his mind.

Have you always played quarterback? If not, what other positions did you play growing up? 

Mostly, I have always played quarterback since I was younger, but I did play linebacker on defense.

It is a cliché question, but what do you enjoy most about the sport of football? How has it helped you be successful off the gridiron? 

I enjoy the competitiveness and camaraderie of the sport. Football has helped me be successful off the field by working well and communicating with others along with always having the competitive instinct.

You are majoring in Educational Studies. Tell me why you chose this major and what you hope to do with it after graduation in 2020? 

I chose this major because I want to make a difference in kids’ lives. After graduation, I would like to get a job as a teacher in either a fourth or fifth grade urban area classroom. I would like to help kids that may not have much outside of the classroom and build them up to become a successful person.

Finally, what is your all-time favorite football movie? 

My all-time favorite football movie is Friday Night Lights. This movie came out when I was playing youth football and it painted a picture of what football in my life would be like. This movie prompted me to play football in high school and eventually I made the decision to continue playing football at the collegiate level.

Under The Helmet With WPI’s Dereck Pacheco

Dereck Pacheco 3

WPI’s Dereck Pacheco (94) recorded six solo stops last week in the Engineers’ season-opening win over Anna Maria College. (PHOTO CREDIT: WPI Athletics)

By NoontimeSports.com (@NoontimeSports) 

Earlier today, WPI senior defensive lineman Dereck Pacheco was tabbed this week’s New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference (NEWMAC) Defensive Player of the Week for his effort in the Engineers’ week one victory over Anna Maria.

Pacheco paced the Engineers’ defense with six solo stops, including four tackles for a loss for 29 yard, while recording a pair of sacks. He also recorded two of quarterback hurries, too.

This week, Pacheco and the Engineers host RPI during WPI’s Homecoming with kickoff scheduled for 1:00 p.m on Saturday, September 9. Last season, Pachecho helped WPI defeat RPI, 19-7, thanks to 10 total stops, including two-and-a-half tackles for a loss and a safety. The win provided the Engineers of Worcester with the Transit Trophy for the first time in two seasons.

Noontime Sports caught-up with Pachecho earlier today to discuss his team’s week two contest against RPI, as well as his goals for the team this season.

What are your goals for a successful senior season with WPI? 

Obviously, the big the goal for the season is to get that championship ring, but as long as we keep plugging away game-by-game, week-by-week (then we will be successful). My goal by the end of the year is to have this team’s chemistry get stronger and stronger, so we have a legacy to leave behind (as seniors). We did lose a lot of big-time seniors (from) last year’s team, but I feel this new group of guys we have can really give these (young) guys a chance to develop and get better as a team.

One of the players who graduated this past spring was linebacker Brian Murtagh, who you had a chance to play with the past three seasons. How did he help you improve your game over the past few seasons? 

He was always very vocal, while getting the guys excited for practice. Brian did a good job getting the guys geared up to be on the field and that’s what he passed down to the rest of the captains. He wanted to make sure that the energy was always there and when you step on the football field that you’re only thinking about football.

This week, your team faces RPI in the Transit Trophy game. Tell me more about being a part of this rivalry.  

When I think of RPI-WPI, I think of Ohio State-Michigan because of that rivalry there. We’re both competitive engineering schools, guys are similar (on both sides of the ball),   so it is nice to have a team with equal caliber (student-athletes) on the other side.

Dereck Pacheco 5

Dereck Pacheco was tabbed the NEWMAC Defensive Player of the Week on Tuesday, September 5. (PHOTO COURTESY: WPI Athletics)

This game is also a Homecoming Game, so what’s that atmosphere like as a student-athlete? 

It is very humbling because you’re looking at guys in the stands that have been in your shoes – all of my friends and family come to the game each week, but when you have the alumni there you’re trying to play for them and get that win for them because they were in your shoes (years ago). Playing for the alumni, families, coaches and friends is really (what this game) is about at the end of the day.

What’s it like to compete in a new conference this season? 

I was playing (against) some friends in the Liberty League, but in this conference – the NEWMAC – I am playing against some new friends. It is nice to get a new group of guys out there to battle against, but at the same time I am going to miss the Liberty League.

Have you always played defensive line? Did you happen to play another position growing up? 

Growing up and playing Pop Warner, while being the biggest guy out there, they had me play running back, quarterback and other positions, but as I (got older) I was still the biggest guy out there, so they put me on the line in high school. At first, it was offensive line and I didn’t really like it, so the next day (my coach) put me on the defensive line and I have been there ever since.

Are you still following your former high school’s football team? 

Oh yeah. Barnstable has been doing alright after (I) graduated, but I think eventually they’re going to be (a team) that’s back up there (with the top teams in the state).

What is your major? 

I am majoring in civil engineer. I grew up helping my dad – he owns a small and local construction company, so at a young age I would be out there helping him pick up nails and lumber, and then basically that feeling of building (something) from bottom to top stuck with me and I grew a passion for it. I feel like civil engineering is kind of the same deal, but my focus is project management.

Being from Barnstable, what’s your favorite type of sea food? 

Definitely the cod fish.

What are three songs do you listen to on a game day? 

Believe it or not, I am not a big song guy because I have the self-motivation drilled into me from my father, but if I were to choose what I am listening to in the weight room, I am usually listening to Metallica and classic rock because when I was in high school and that was all we would be allowed to listen to (while working out in the gym).

Finally, what is your all-time favorite movie? 

It’s kind of cliche, but Friday Night Lights. I like that movie a lot because my high school team somewhat resembled that whole movie. My junior year, we made it to the Division 1A Super Bowl (against Everett) and we played at Gillette Stadium, but lost by one point.

Catching Up With Springfield College Fullback Jordan Wilcox

Springfield College fullback Jordan Wilcox rushed for a career-high 174 yards and four touchdowns last week against Rochester. (Photo Credit: Springfield College Athletics)

Springfield College fullback Jordan Wilcox rushed for a career-high 174 yards and four touchdowns last week against Rochester. (Photo Credit: Springfield College Athletics)

By NoontimeSports.com 

Springfield College junior fullback Jordan Wilcox had a career day last Saturday, rumbling for a career-high 174 yards and four touchdowns on 12 carries in his team’s 70-47 win over Rochester.

“Our offense can do a lot of great things when everyone does their job,” Wilcox said a few days after his team’s Homecoming victory.

Wilcox rushed for a trio of first half scores, including a pair in the second quarter, before ripping off his longest rush of the afternoon – a 54-yard touchdown in the third quarter, which helped the Pride push ahead for good.

Two days after his team earned their fourth win of the season; the Liberty League honored Wilcox by naming him the Offensive Player of the Week. The Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) also honored Wilcox, naming him this week’s Division III North Offensive Player of the Week, too.

Noontime Sports caught up with Wilcox following his team’s exciting win to discuss his performance, as well as what Springfield must do to secure a win this week against Hobart.

How did your o-line (and teammates) help you enjoy an extremely successful day on the ground with 174 yards and four touchdowns?

Those guys upfront do a great job coming off the ball and really opening up huge running lanes. Our halfbacks took on (some strong) linebackers at the second level to get me into open field, so I give a lot of credit to them.

Have you ever scored four touchdowns in a game before – say in high school (or perhaps a pick-up game)? 

This was the first time I have scored four touchdowns in a single-game since peewee football. I scored three touchdowns in a game in high school. All in all, (my four touchdowns from last Saturday) would not have happened if it were not for the other 10 guys on the field doing their job.

Tell me how you have been able to improve every week – gaining either similar yardage from the previous week or more?

Every week I go into film sessions and practices trying to correct the little things so the big things can happen on Saturdays. (My goal is) to put our team in the best possible position to win every play, so we can win every game.

Tell me about the WPI game. How did your team overcome a three-score deficit to defeat the Engineers for an important Liberty League victory?

WPI was a big game for us. Things weren’t going as expected during our team’s first few drives, so our defense really kept us in the game with a few turnovers. (First-year) quarterback Chad Shade came into the game (following a few offensive series) and we – the offense – rallied behind him to secure an important conference win.

Would it be fair to say the WPI game provided your team with a boost of confidence heading into St. Lawrence and other Liberty League games thus far?

It did. We knew what we were capable of doing as an entire team against a good opponent like WPI, but the biggest takeaway was how our team executed (against the Engineers).

This week, your team faces Hobart on the road – what’s the biggest goal and objective your team must accomplish in order to secure a road win?

It starts with a good week of practice, while also watching film and focusing on what we need to do to be successful.

Do you idolize your game after a current or past fullback (or running back)? If so, who?

Growing up, I idolized running backs like Adrian Peterson.

Your three favorite movies are?

Friday Night Lights, We Are Marshall and Remember the Titans.

Who is your all-time favorite band or musician?


Favorite football memory of all-time -could be here at Springfield or while in high school?

Beating Hobart last season.

The last book you read for pleasure?

Friday Night Lights by Buzz Bissinger

Mass. College Football: Catching Up With Chris Robertson (WPI Football)

WPI's Chris Robertson is ready for his fourth season with the Engineers to begin! (Photo Credit: Matt Noonan for NoontimeSports.com)

WPI’s Chris Robertson is ready for his fourth season with the Engineers to begin! (Photo Credit: Matt Noonan for NoontimeSports.com)

By NoontimeSports.com 

Our preseason college football coverage commenced on Monday with a trip to WPI to meet with the Engineers. We chatted with a variety of players – you’ll be seeing those video interviews soon – but also head coach Chris Robertson, who is very excited about his fourth season on the sidelines.

Below is our conversation with Robertson, who was kind enough to take a few minutes away from his team’s practice to chat about the upcoming season, his team’s tradition, as well as starting the year under “Friday Night Lights.”

Noontime Sports: This season, your team features all your recruits from seniors to freshmen. That must be exciting, right?

Robertson: “It’s kind of the start to really find out what type of a football program we’re going to be not just this year, but moving forward. We fully expect continue growth and from here on out because we have higher expectations of ourselves. Every Saturday, we’ll compete against any opponent, doesn’t matter who it is, but we don’t talk in terms of wins or losses because instead we talk about being in that moment, working hard in that moment and competing in that moment.”

NS: It certainly seems like there’s a different vibe surrounding this team because everyone is rather excited about practicing, as well as working hard off the field.

Robertson: “Well, I’m still going to push these guys to be the best football players that they can be because there’s no excuses and there’s a high level of accountability. All those things won’t change, but the thing that I have learned about young people these days is that as much as you challenge them to be great players and you hold them accountable by yelling and screaming, off the field you really have to get rid of that stuff and get the wall down. You have to come together as a family by eating and meeting together, and we’ve had different themes every night, too. We’ll sit down and we’ll read from a presentation and have some reflection on things, but at the end of the day it’s about handling adversity and pressure situations and being able to look through a window and not through a mirror. We really want to focus on that moment, but when we’re off the field we’re really focused on being a family and being a brotherhood.”

NS: I am guessing these traditions; along with your team’s senior leadership is what’s helping everyone come together, right?

Robertson: “We’ve always (relied on our traditions), but these guys are finally all mine. The seniors on down, they’re all mine. I think the leadership here with the seniors, who were here as freshmen and saw those things being put in place is great, but now their leadership reflects the things that are important to the program. Our program is a makeup not of me, but the senior leadership. These guys have a lot of those intangible qualities that make this a good environment for everyone.”

NS: Let’s quickly chat about your team’s schedule. Similar to last year, you’ll face the same non-conference foes (Curry College, Norwich University and Worcester State). Care to share why you scheduled these games again?

Robertson: “When you create a relationship with another team, usually it’s not a one year type of thing, so we’ll continue (what we did last year) and I coached against Coach (Skip) Bandini at Curry when I was at Salve Regina for four years. He’s the highest quality person I know, he’s a great man, he’s a great coach and Curry has a great program. Worcester State is Worcester State. The numbers change, the names change, but they’re tough, they’re ferocious, they battle until the end and Coach Brien Cullen is one of my best friends, he does a phenomenal job. And Norwich was a chance for us to kind of bring back an old Freedom Football Conference rivalry, so we jumped at it and we’ll be playing them for a few years and the alumni love it, so those three non-conference games are perfect and a good measurement stick for us as we get into the Liberty League.”

NS: Finally, your team starts its season under “Friday Night Lights” against Curry. That has to be an exciting feeling, even from a coach’s perspective, right?

Robertson: “This year we worked it out with Curry where we could basically get an early day of camp in and you can play Friday and then we can have a normal week to prepare for Worcester State, which is also a Friday game, too. The kids love it and it’s kind of what they love and what they’re accustom to and that whole flavor, but I am just glad that (after back-to-back Friday games), we get into a Saturday routine.”

One More Night of Friday Night Lights

By Matt Noonan 

One more game… that’s right, one more game and then the light’s go out.

Friday Night Light’s season five finale is this Friday, (July 15, 2011) and yes, it’s a bittersweet feeling.

This particular series wasn’t just about the sport of football, but instead, a family, community and school, as well as the state of Texas. Each character represented one of us, as well as encountered the same troubles we all dealt with on a daily basis such as love, trust, focus, family, work and school.

Yet, why did we become so attached? What exactly persuaded us to listen to Coach Eric Taylor’s pre-game speeches in the West Dillion locker room? Why did we always side with Tami Taylor? Also, what forced us to cheer for the truest underdog of them all, Matt Saracen?

We'll always remember the great speeches by Eric Taylor

Well, it’s because we were indeed apart of this “fantasy world.” We were fans in the stands every Friday evening, students in the hallway and members of the community who voted at town meetings.

Seriously, we cared so much about this particular “small” Texas town and now, it’s coming to end, (bummer).

It’s hard to imagine life without Friday Night Lights, but seriously, I’m sure many of us won’t forget this amazing series. There were so many wonderful memories, dramatic moments, but also, significant events that made this particular show so enthralling.

Although, as Coach Taylor’s daughter, Julie Taylor once said, there’s no place in the world like Dillon, Texas.

Friday evening can’t come soon enough, yet, once the lights officially go down, we too will walk away from our televisions, computers or mobile devices knowing that just like so many characters, it’s time to move onto greener pastures. It’s been an exciting ride, however, before the cast and crew take their final bow, we’ll get to watch Coach Taylor attempt to win yet another Texas State Championship, so save your voices because I’m sure we’re in for yet another epic showdown.

All in all, it’s safe to say, we’ll always be apart of the imaginary world of Dillon, Texas.

“Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose”