Daily Noontime: Let The Countdown To Week Zero Begin


By Matt Noonan 

Welcome to the midweek point of yet another week.

The weekend – yes, the two days saved for relaxing – are insight. And so is supposedly some college football games, which are scheduled to begin Saturday, August 29.

As we learned yesterday from Pete Thamel of Yahoo! Sports, the NCAA issued a “blanket waiver” on Monday, July 27, which would allow various D-I programs to start their respective seasons earlier than usual. This decision would certainly allow teams some flexibility to play (hopefully) a full season, pending how things shake out with the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

From a quick glance at the FBS schedule on ESPN.com, there are a few games scheduled for Saturday, August 29, including Missouri State visiting Oklahoma and Southern Illinois taking on Kansas. No times have been announced for these or any of the games listed, so stay tuned, college football friends.

ESPN’s Andrea Adelson answered highlights some important questions for those wondering if and how a college football season is possible during a pandemic – she even gave insight into what a Miami Marlins Covid-19 outbreak would mean for the sport, too.

Here is what else is going on in the sports world these days:

  • Joe Kelly of the Los Angeles Dodgers sparked” a fight last night between both his team and the Houston Astros.
  • Locally, the Little East Conference (LEC) canceled its upcoming fall sports season, joining a slew of NCAA D-III leagues that made the same decision over the past few days and weeks.
  • Following the LEC’s decision to cancel fall sports, UMass Dartmouth announced they will not be playing any sports until 2021.
  • Believe it or not, NFL training camps have started – yes, preparations for the 2020 football season are underway, despite an ongoing pandemic. But while teams begin to prepare for the strangest season in years, someone has to highlight various New England Patriots camp battles, right?

Noontime’s 2018 MLB Season Predictions


By Matt Noonan (@MattNoonan11) 

Ah, the return of baseball – welcome back, Major League Baseball (MLB) … you have been missed!

In anticipation of a brand new season, which gets underway tomorrow with the Chicago Cubs visiting the Miami Marlins, here are my picks for the 2018 year, including who will win the World Series – or at least an attempt. Please be kind on social media, everyone! 🙄

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American League Predictions 

New York Yankees

American League East

Cleveland Indians 

American League Central

Houston Astros

American League West

Boston Red Sox 

American League Wild Card (1)

Minnesota Twins

American League Wild Card (2)

National League Predictions 

Washington Nationals

National League East

Chicago Cubs 

National League Central 

Los Angeles Dodgers 

National League West

Arizona Diamondbacks

National League Wild Card (1)

New York Mets 

National League Wild Card (2)

American League Postseason Predictions

Boston over Minnesota 

AL Wild Card 

New York over Boston

AL Divisional Round 

Cleveland over Houston 

AL Divisional Round 

New York over Cleveland 

AL Championship Series 

National League Postseason Predictions

Arizona over New York

NL Wild Card 

Washington over Arizona 

NL Divisional Round

Los Angeles over Chicago Cubs 

NL Divisional Round 

Los Angeles over Washington

NL Championship Series 

World Series Prediction

New York over Los Angeles

Six Game Series: 4-2 Yankees 

Major League Baseball 2017 Season Predictions


Don’t count out the Chicago Cubs this season! (Photo Credit: Rolling Stone/Getty Images)

By Matt Noonan (@MattNoonan11) 

In honor of a brand new Major League Baseball (MLB) season, here are a few thoughts and predictions, including what team will celebrate a World Series victory.

Care to share your thoughts on this season’s Major League Baseball season? Send me a tweet at @MattNoonan11 or an email to NoontimeSports@gmail.com

American League Predictions

American League East

Toronto Blue Jays

American League Central

Cleveland Indians

American League West 

Houston Astros

American League Wild Card

Boston Red Sox

American League Wild Card

Texas Rangers

National League Predictions 

National League East 

Washington Nationals

National League Central 

Chicago Cubs

National League West

Los Angeles Dodgers

National League Wild Card

San Francisco Giants

National League Wild Card

Pittsburgh Pirates


American League & National League Champion Predictions

American League Champion

Cleveland Indians

National League Champion

Chicago Cubs


World Series Champion Predictions

World Series Champion

Chicago Cubs

Daily Noontime – September 9, 2011

The Green Bay Packers looked pretty darn good against the New Orleans Saints on Thursday!

Happy Friday to everyone! It’s finally the weekend, which means, let’s kick-back, relax and have some fun! Here’s the headlines and news of the day, enjoy! 


* The defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers looked rather impressive on Thursday, as they rolled past the New Orleans Saints, 42-34.

* Despite losing their opening game of the season, Saints running back/return man Darren Sproles appeared to be in mid-season form, especially during his runback against the Packers special teams in the second quarter.

* Once again, the Boston Red Sox blew it, as the Toronto Blue Jays defeated them for a third straight time this week.

* According to a recent report, Jim Crane is incredibly anxious for the MLB to approve his purchase of the Houston Astros.

* The number ninth ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys earned their second win of the college season on Thursday, as they beat up Arizona, 37-14.

* According to wide receiver Donald Driver, he strongly believes that his Packers are a “dangerous” team.

Games to Watch: 

* Boston at Tampa Bay (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern 

* Oakland at Texas (MLB) – 8:05pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at Milwaukee (MLB) – 8:10pm eastern 

* New York Yankees at Los Angles of Anaheim Angels (MLB) – 10:05pm eastern 

* #21 Missouri at Arizona State (NCAA Football) – 10:30pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

There’s nothing better than a run-back to kick-off your high school football season! 

Daily Noontime – August 18, 2011

One has to wonder, what is going through the minds of the Miami football fans?

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to today’s edition of the Daily Noontime! We’ve got some great stories to read, so sit back, relax and enjoy! 


* More information is being revealed about how Nevin Shapiro gave his University of Miami athletes practically whatever they wanted, as well as money for an abortion too.

* According to a recent report, the NCAA has finally decided that they need to clean up their image due to a “fundamental change.”

* So, apparently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the youngest NFL squad, but that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

* In a recent interview with GQ, Michael Vick admitted that he didn’t want to play for the Philadelphia Eagles.

* More information is being revealed about Eli Manning‘s comments toward Tom Brady, however, some believe his wise words of wisdom might be a good thing for the New York Giants signal caller.

* It seems that once again, the sale of the Houston Astros continues to be a dramatic issue surrounding the MLB owners.

Games to Watch: 

* New England at Tampa Bay (NFL Preseason) – 7:30pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at Pittsburgh (NFL Preseason) – 8:00pm eastern 

* Boston at Kansas City (MLB) – 8:10pm eastern 

* New York Yankees at Minnesota (MLB) – 8:10pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Isn’t it always fun watching Andy Roddick argue with the head umpire!