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Shapiro: Boston Celtics Draft Preview

Would Royce White be the right piece for the Boston Celtics? (Photo Credit: IrishCentral.com)

By Lucas Shapiro 

Curious to see whom the Boston Celtics will pick tonight?

Aren’t we all?

How Boston picks tonight will be the first indication of what direction the Celtics will go in the potentially post Big Three era.

Here are ten guys that could be wearing a Celtics jersey at the end of the night:

Royce White, (Sophomore | Iowa State | 6’8″ Forward): Although Danny Ainge recently denied it, rumors have been swirling around the NBA that the Celtics had promised White they would draft him as the 21st pick. And for those not too familiar with White, Jonathan Abrams of Grantland.com wrote an excellent piece yesterday portraying the 6’8″, 270-pound forward. He is arguably the most unique NBA draft prospect in years. His hero is John Lennon. He plays exactly like LeBron James. He has a fear of flying. Yet, what makes White so special is how he has overcome adversity to be where he is today. White did not play one minute at the University of Minnesota under Tubby Smith due to the fact he was arrested multiple times, (he also stole a computer). He ended up transferring to Iowa State where he learned the value of being honest and working hard. The product ended up carrying Iowa State to the second round of the NCAA tournament. White is a physical freak with a high skill level. He played point-forward for Iowa State, despite having the body of a power forward. He’d be an immediate impact for the Celtics because they might be losing Jeff Green and Brandon Bass this summer. They also do not have another ball-handler aside from Rajon Rondo, so White could be that guy for spurts of time. The Celtics will need to figure out how to help White with his anxiety issues and fear of flying, but there is a good chance that White could be an impact player for the Celtics right away.

Jared Sullinger, (Sophomore | Ohio State | 6’9″ Power Forward): Let’s get this straight: Jared Sullinger came back to Ohio State, improved his outside shot, improved his free-throw shooting, improved his shot-blocking, lost weight, and carried his team to the Final Four. Yet, for some miraculous reason he is a possibility for the Celtics in the 20’s, (Boston has picks 21 and 22). This is a guy, who was projected to be a Top-5 pick at the beginning of the year, has been knocked down due to bulging discs in his back. A few years ago, former Kansas forward Darrell Arthur fell in the draft due to concerns about his kidney. Yet, in his three years in the NBA, he has averaged 62 games played in per year, so the fact of the matter is that if Sullinger falls to the Celtics, he will be an absolute steal.

Fabricio de Melo, (Sophomore | Syracuse | 7’0″ Center): The Celtics desperately need size and it is unlikely that either Meyers Leonard or Tyler Zeller falls to them. Melo would be the next best 7-footer available. There are a lot of red flags surrounding Melo. He does not have good hands. He is very raw. He is not very intelligent. But one promising sign about Melo is that he improved drastically during two seasons with the Syracuse Orange. When he first walked onto the Syracuse campus, he could barely contribute. He would get lost in defensive rotations and had a hard time getting up and down the floor. So, he lost a great deal of weight before his sophomore year and looked like a completely different player. He made a major impact on the defensive end. It was apparent after he was ineligible for the NCAA tournament that Melo may have been Syracuse’s most important player this past season. He would be a long-term project for the Celtics, but he could fit in, even if he ends up being a guy that grabs a few rebounds, blocks a few shots, and gives a few fouls, which would pay big dividends for Boston.

Andrew Nicholson, (Senior | St. Bonaventure | 6’9″ Power Forward): Nicholson is relatively unknown to the casual basketball fan. He is a big man with a vast set of post moves, as well as deep range on his jump shot. The big problem with Nicholson is that he is 22-years-old, and still had a body that isn’t ready for the NBA. He was a decent post defender in college, but he only allowed 0.77 points per possession in post-up opportunities, which ranked in the 56th percentile in college basketball. At 6’9″ and 220 pound, Nicholson will need to bulk up if he wants to contribute on both ends of the floor in the NBA. He is not an upside pick, but Nicholson could boost the second unit’s scoring.

Moe Harkless, (Freshman | St. John’s | 6’8″ Forward): Harkless is a small forward with a power forward’s game. He has a great deal of potential and could be a sleeper pick for down the road. Think about how great of a pick-up James Posey was for the Celtics a few years back. Harkless could be a similar type of player. He needs to add some polish to his game, but the upside is there.

John Jenkins, (Junior | Vanderbilt | 6’4″ Shooting Guard): If Ray Allen does not return, the Celtics are desperately going to need some outside shooting. Jenkins is arguably the best catch-and-shoot player in the draft. Boston would be an excellent fit for Jenkins because he would not be asked to do anything else. He has some holes in his game, (lack of quickness), but he would always be paired with two of the best defensive guards in the league.

Should the Celtics trade up for Austin Rivers? (Photo Credit: CollegiateStandard.com)

Perry Jones, (Sophomore | Baylor | 6’11” Forward): It is unlikely that Jones will fall this far, but it is not out of the question. If he does land on the Celtics, Kevin Garnett might be the one player in the league that can teach him to play hard. In terms of talent alone, Jones is a Top-3 player in the draft.

Arnett Moultrie, (Junior | Mississippi State | 6’11” Power Forward/Center): The Celtics were the worst rebounding team in the NBA last year. Moultrie is a bit of an enigma in terms of upside, but he certainly can rebound. Would he be an upgrade over Greg Stiemsma? Probably not, but the Celtics are desperate for size.

Draymond Green, (Senior | Michigan State | 6’7″ Power Forward): Green does not have much upside, but the Celtics would know what they are getting. Green is a utility player. He could be like a combination of Marquis Daniels and Leon Powe for the Celtics. When they need rebounds, Green could grab them. When they need toughness, Green can bring the toughness. He would be a great complimentary player to a team that has enough stars already.

Austin Rivers, (Freshman | Duke | 6’4″ Shooting Guard): This is the pick that people do not like on the outside, but secretly want to see on the inside. Everyone wants to see Austin Rivers play for his father. Doc might be the only coach that could connect with him. Who knows what would happen if Austin Rivers is selected by Boston, but according to various rumors on Thursday, the Celtics will attempt to trade up for him. One thing is for sure: Rivers to Boston would make for an amazing HBO “Hard Knocks” series.

Daily Noontime – January 10, 2012

Brad Marchand was slapped with a five-game suspension on Monday after his hit against Sami Salo on Saturday! (Photo Credit: USA Today)

By NoontimeSports.com 

Good Tuesday morning to everyone, and welcome into another edition of the Daily Noontime. Here are some headlines and news to kick-start your day.

* Despite citing his hit against Sami Salo as “self defense,” Boston’s left-winger Brad Marchand was handed a five-game suspension on Monday. NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan deemed the hit a “predatory low-hit” because Salo did sustain a concussion. However, Marchand will begin serving his suspension on Tuesday when the Bruins host Winnipeg at the TD Garden for a 7:00pm face-off.

* According to multiple sources and reports – Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green experienced a successful surgery on Monday, as doctor’s repaired an aortic aneurysm, which was detected during a physical with team doctors last year. Green won’t return to the hardwood until next season.

* The Boston Red Sox added some additional pitch depth on Monday evening, as the club signed right-hander Justin Germano, who pitched in Korea last season after making nine appearances with the Cleveland Indians. Boston also added Randy Niemann to their coaching staff, too.

* The No. 25th ranked Harvard University men’s basketball team will look to earn their 14th win of the season when they travel to Monmouth for a 7:00pm tip-off.  

What We’ve Learned About The Boston Celtics In 2011

After a tumultuous 2011, what exactly did we learn about the Boston Celtics? (Photo Credit: Matt Noonan for NoontimeSports.com)

By Matt Noonan 

Over the past 12 months, we’ve learned a lot about the Boston Celtics.

They’re no longer the top dog or a team that’s feared. Instead, they’re a veteran team that’s most likely going to finish the current season with at least 25 to 28 wins, and somehow squeak their way into the playoffs.

They’ll probably earn a few postseason victories too, but then lose to the younger and more athletic units, which include Chicago, Miami and New York, which is expected, right?

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen have all aged, so don’t expect their tiresome legs to cruise to one more championship series, especially this season. However, it’s possible, yet highly doubtful that Boston will see a repeat of Bill Russell’s Celtics from 1969, but again, don’t hold your breath.

So, what exactly have we learned from this past year?

Could it be that team president Danny Ainge isn’t afraid to wheel and deal?

Perhaps Ainge’s decision to trade Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson to Oklahoma City could be the eventual downfall of Boston’s basketball team?

And finally, maybe the Green and White should have traded point guard Rajon Rondo to Dallas or Detroit for various veterans?

Ok… take a deep breath because I, Matt Noonan have a few thoughts and ideas in regards to all these questions stated above.

Ainge Likes to Wheel and Deal: Any owner, president or manager for a particular team or organization is always going to contemplate the question — how can I improve my team?

In the case of Ainge, he wants to win. However, I think it’s fair to say that he’s a gambler, as well as someone who’s all-in, especially at the blackjack table. Yet, adding players like Jeff Green, Nenad Krstic, Carlos Arroyo, Troy Murphy and Rasheed Wallace didn’t exactly help Boston win their 18th championship banner, but instead, create aggravation and frustration for the past few years.

Celtics fans need to understand that Ainge is going to gamble. He’ll win and lose various trades and acquisitions, as well as do whatever it takes to help his team succeed every night, and contend for a championship.

Saying Good Bye to Kendrick and Nate: It’s hard to believe, but many Bostonians still think Ainge shouldn’t have pulled the trigger last February to release Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson because they would have helped the Celtics defeat the Miami Heat in May.


Yet, how do these fans or followers know that Perkins and Robinson were the answer?

Boston managed to win 15 of their final 27 contest, but relied heavily on Allen, Garnett and Pierce because Green and Krstic, who were the players that Boston and Oklahoma swapped, didn’t exactly comprehend Doc Rivers’ playbook.

The Celtics bench, which Ainge rebuilt after the trade, couldn’t compliment the starters play, which was obviously frustrating. However, let’s admit that Ainge once again gambled, and came up short, again.

Perkins, Robinson, and the Thunder reached the Western Conference Finals, but lost to the Dallas Mavericks, 4-1.

So, once again, I don’t think it’s fair to state that Ainge’s decision to trade Perkins and Robinson was the demise of the 2010-2011 Celtics or future teams, but once again, another gamble that he felt would improve Boston’s chances.

In Rondo, We Trust:  Say what you want about Rondo, but seriously, he’s the future of Boston basketball, and if the Celtics are going to continue their winning ways or at least attempt to remain competitive in the near future, then he’s going to be Ainge’s building block.

Boston will eventually be forced to replace Allen, Garnett and Pierce, which means Rondo will have to play his best basketball every night, as well as imitate his Game 3 performance against the Heat from this past May, which was when he dislocated his elbow.


If Rondo can be more aggressive, attack the rim, and keep his wits about himself, then expect the Celtics to succeed. However, if his old, immature ways return, then assume that Boston will be forced to rebuild once their current squad walks off into the sun.

I think Rondo can be a great asset for the Celtics, especially in the near future. But, I also think many will certainly ponder the question — what if Ainge had pulled the trigger, and acquired Chris Paul?

Boston Celtics Season Outlook

Do the Celtics have enough to win their 18th Championship in June? (Photo Credit: Bleacher Report)

By Matt Noonan

The NBA Lockout has officially ended, and now it’s time to play some basketball.

However, if you’re a Boston Celtics fan, you might be a tad bit concerned, especially about the upcoming season.

There are numerous questions that have been swirling around the Waltham practice facility, such as, how will the Big-3, (Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett) fare this year? Also, do they have what it takes to win another championship?

Will Rajon Rondo finally become the leader that the Green and White need him to be, and lastly, what should Boston fans expect from their bench?

OK… take a deep breath because I know that’s a lot of information to digest, but let’s face it, the Celtics aren’t exactly the number one team entering the season, right? They’ll be competitive, but most likely not the top dog.

Squads like Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, Oklahoma, as well as both Los Angles units will challenge the Celtics, but wins against any group listed above will certainly be a confidence booster. However, while it’s indeed important to earn wins against the best of NBA, it’s also vital for the Green and White to remain consistent for the condenced 66-game schedule too.

So, while we anxiously await the inaugural tip-off for the ’11-’12 season, here are some thoughts, updates and predictions pertaining toward the men who sport the word, “Boston” across their chest.

Biggest Concern: If the Celtics wish to remain atop the Eastern Conference, then they’ll need to stay healthy. Fending off the injury bug will be one of the biggest tasks for a team that features a variety of veterans on their roster. Indeed, the season will be short and quick, but if the Celtics are going to be successful, they’ll need to make sure each player receives the proper amount of rest and treatment.

Pierce Doubtful for Sunday: It’s unlikely that he’ll suit up against New York on Sunday, but according to his personal Twitter account on Saturday, he wrote the following: “Captain Paul Pierce is on the plane and will travel to NY, but no further word on his availability for tomorrow vs. the Knicks.” Without Pierce, and Jeff Green in the line-up, expect players like Brandon Bass and Chris Wilcox to step-up at the wing/forward position.

Celtics Acquire Pietrus: Boston received an early Christmas present on Saturday, as veteran swingman Mickael Pietrus cleared waivers, and signed his name on a minimum contract. Pietrus won’t be sporting a Celtics uniform until possibly Tuesday, Dec. 27, when the team travels to Miami because he’s expected to undergo a physical on Monday.

Biggest Obstacle: Entering the month of March, the Celtics will be forced to take their “show on the road,” as they’ll play eight consecutive games away from the TD Garden. This particular stretch will be critical for the Green and White, especially if they’d like to earn a spot in the playoffs. Wins against Atlanta, Los Angles and Denver could certainly boost the squads’ morale for the remainder of the season.

Overall Prediction: The Celtics didn’t exactly make a marquee splash during the offseason, and certainly failed to lure Chris Paul to Boston. However, with literally the same roster intact from last season, I am expecting the Green and White to win 30 games this season. Although, once the playoffs arrive, expect the Heat, Bulls, Magic or Knicks to dash their chances toward an 18th NBA championship.

Lindberg: Overall Thoughts on the Boston Celtics

Despite a promising start, the Celtics stumbled to the finish line and lost to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals!

By Andy Lindberg 

I hope everyone enjoyed that NBA Championship the Boston Celtics won in 2008, because most likely, you’re not going to see another one for a while.

I don’t mean to sound hateful or rude, but facts are facts and it’s time to face the facts that the last real chance Boston had to win the Finals was with their 13-point lead against the Los Angles Lakers in Game 7 of last year’s Finals.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a bench and will most likely lose Glen “Big Baby” Davis, as he wants to be a starter. Although, most importantly, the Celtics possess no real center depth after two horrific trades buried the closing ability and mean streak of the Green and White.

The Kendrick Perkins trade has been beaten to death. Say what you will about it, but the trade that killed me and the one trade I cannot justify to any degree was sending Semih Erden and Luke Harangody, both excellent of the bench and provided considerable depth, to the Cleveland Cavaliers for a second round draft choice.

Apparently the move was done to open roster spots and reduce luxury tax payments. Although, all of their trades from this past season have reduced the Celtics chances of winning a title at some point within the next decade and opened up the door for the Miami Heat and New York Knicks to “curb-stomp” the Celtics at will in the very near future

The one position the Celtics lacked this past season was a center. Usually, teams would drive into the paint and fetch a beating by Perkins or other “big-men”. Yet, finding that kind of presence on the Celtic team is like finding a virgin in a maternity ward, it’s just not there.

Jeff Green is a solid player and can fill in admirably at small forward or, if needed, power forward, which was what he played in Oklahoma City.

Nenad Krstic was a nice addition, but nice additions don’t make up for mean streaks and power basketball.

Everyone talks about how sports are a business, and we heard that talk float about repeatedly when Perkins was traded. “Basketball is a business.”

Guess what? The world of professional sports is a business that revolves around winning. By making stupid trades and personnel decisions, you’re going against what your business stands for.

However, maybe the Celtics wanted to bring back only their most dedicated and heartbroken fans from the ‘90’s. It would make sense, because the Red Sox and Patriots are both trying to do the same thing, get rid of the “pink-hats.”

The Celtics got their “Big-3” and won a title. They found a formula that worked with complementary players and a solid bench. Now they’ve given it away, and the result is clear.

This doesn’t mean I will stop supporting the Celtics, but instead, it just means that come NBA playoff time, I won’t have to be as invested in Boston because they won’t go far in the future.

So, after all that rambling, here is another poll question for ye fair-weather fans:

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