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Daily Noontime (Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020)

By Matt Noonan

Welcome to Tuesday, everyone!

As usual, I hope this blog post finds everyone doing well, staying safe, and smiling – how do we only have 11 days left of October?

Let’s kickstart the day with a brand new ‘Daily Noontime,’ beginning in “Big D” – that would be Dallas, Texas, to be exact – where Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals walloped the Dallas Cowboys last night by a score of 38-10.

As noted by many, the setback to the Cardinals was considered one of the Cowboys’ worst losses at AT&T Stadium – I am sure my buddy (and owner) Jerry Jones is not a happy man this morning. Jerry is probably not going to be smiling too much this season as the Cowboys – one of my two favorite National Football League (NFL) teams – is decimated by injuries and not playing well under first-year coach Mike McCarthy.

Should the Cowboys consider bringing back Jason Garrett?

Prior to Arizona handing Dallas its fourth loss of the season, football fans were treated to a late afternoon/early evening clash between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs won the game – no surprise, right? – and quarterback Patrick Mahomes became the fastest quarterback to throw not just 90 touchdowns, but also his 91st score in his 37th contest.

I don’t know about you, but I kind of like having two games on Monday. Maybe we could see this in the future?

Let’s switch to baseball where the 2020 Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series will begin this evening between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays. I am going to be rooting for the Rays despite a member of the Boston Globe thinking that baseball fans should not support the team from Tampa Bay.

Sticking with the Globe, we learned yesterday afternoon and this morning through the Sports Business Journal (SBJ)‘s daily podcast that the Boston Red Sox owners, along with their partners are planning a major ‘redevelopment’ project that would include offices apartments, retail stores, and possibly a hotel.

Finally, let’s end with some local media news where the Hartford Courant announced yesterday that they are closing their printing operations and will “outsource to the Springfield Republican” here in Massachusetts.

The Courant is the oldest newspaper in the country – it began in 1764 – and this move unfortunately will impact 151 employees.

Daily Noontime – September 12, 2011

Once again, Tony Romo failed to win a game in the fourth quarter!

Good Monday morning, and welcome into yet another awesome edition of the Daily Noontime! Here’s the headlines and news of the day! 


* Unfortunately, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo couldn’t hold onto the ball in the fourth quarter, as he gave away his team’s lead and the game to the New York Jets.

* Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton may have not led his team to their first victory of the season, yet managed to throw for 422 yards and two touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals.

* The slumping Boston Red Sox lost again, as the Tampa Bay Rays swept the weekend series on Sunday.

* Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expressed to the media on Sunday that he doesn’t want his wide receiverDez Bryant to return kick-offs or punts.

* This is quite fascinating news – Stephen Strasburg pitched only three innings on Sunday, which might be a head scratcher, right?

* How bad were the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday? Well, one thing is certain, they need quarterback Peyton Manning under center.

Games to Watch: 

* New England at Miami (NFL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* Tampa Bay at Baltimore (MLB) – 7:05pm eastern 

* Detroit at Chicago White Sox (MLB) – 8:10pm eastern 

* Oakland at Denver (NFL) – 10:15pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Wouldn’t it be cool to play against Darth Vader in fantasy football? 

Daily Noontime – July 5, 2011

Great news for the Americans, as Tyler Farrar finished the Tour de France 3rd Stage in First Place!

Happy Tuesday, as well as post-Fourth of July too! It’s going to be a great day, so let’s kick it off with the Daily Noontime, enjoy! 


* According to some reports, the NFL Lockout may have taken a turn for the worst as some retired players aren’t happy with the way talks are going.

Tyler Farrar finished the 3rd Stage of the Tour de France, which is a promising sign for American riders, right?

* Well, apparently the Pittsburgh Pirates are a decent team these days, as they beat the Washington Nationals badly on Monday, 10-2.

* It appears that the Dallas Cowboys, according to some news reports have made “tentative” plans for training camp.

* With the NBA Lockout in its beginning stages, one has to realize that the owners “can’t play ball” and need to work with together, as well as with the player representatives too.

* So, there’s already a list of winners and losers thus far from the NHL off-season, which is great news, right?

Games to Watch: 

* New York Yankees at Cleveland (MLB) – 7:05pm

* Toronto at Boston (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern 

* Colorado at Atlanta (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

In case you didn’t have enough hot dogs on Monday, here’s the final few minutes of the 2011 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, enjoy!

Daily Noontime – May 19, 2011

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to the Daily Noontime! It’s going to be a great day, so sit back, relax and enjoy today’s headlines and news, as well as an awesome video! 


* Apparently, some NBA journalists aren’t the biggest supporters of David Kahn, who is the GM of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

* Well, LeBron James should be somewhat of a happy person these days, as he and the Miami Heat beat the Chicago Bulls in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday.

* Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not happy about the NFL Lockout, as he was quoted for saying, “I didn’t spend 1.2 billion to build a stadium and not have the Cowboys play football in it this year.”

* According to sources, Jamie McCourt, the former wife of Frank McCourt, is going to “demand” that the Los Angles Dodgers be sold, but to who?

* The Vancouver Canucks are now two games away from the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, as they won again on Wednesday against the San Jose Shark.

* Bryce Harper, who has certainly become a baseball name to know, will remain in Singe-A for the rest of the season and won’t be called up to the Major Leagues.

Games to Watch: 

* Washington at New York Mets (MLB) – 1:10pm eastern

* New York Yankees at Baltimore (MLB) – 7:05pm eastern

* Detroit at Boston (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern

* Boston at Tampa Bay (NHL Playoffs) – 8:00pm eastern

* Oklahoma City at Dallas (NBA Playoffs) – 9:00pm eastern

Video of the Day: 

Not sure broadcasters should laugh at fans, right? 

New England Patriots 2011 Schedule Predictions

Wes Welker and the New England Patriots are in for an interesting 2011 season!

By Matt Noonan

While the NFL remains currently locked out and talks between both parties, (owners and players) won’t resume until May 16, let’s forgo thoughts on not having football this September and break down the New England Patriots 2011 schedule instead.

Week 1 – New England at Miami: The Patriots will open up their 2011 campaign under the bright Miami, Florida lights, (cue Kanye West’s song, “All of the Lights”) but also, appear on the very first Monday Night Football game of the season. Remember what happened when New England began the ’09 season on the “primetime stage,” they almost lost.

New England 30 – Miami 20/ [1-0]

Week 2 – San Diego at New England: During the ’07 season, the Patriots welcomed the Bolts for a Sunday Night affair during week two, but guess what happened? Tom Brady and the New England defense tore apart Philip Rivers, as well as LaDainian Tomlinson for their second win that season.

New England 24 – San Diego 17/ [2-0]

Week 3 – New England at Buffalo: Let’s pretend that the Bills selected quarter Cam Newton from Auburn, which leaves us to wonder, what do you expect the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to do in this situation? Probably, as Andy Lindberg would say, “sack-lunch” him.

New England 28 – Buffalo 6/ [3-0]

Week 4 – New England at Oakland: How happy will Richard Seymour be to see his former team invade “Raider Nation?” Who knows, but this will be the Patriots first loss of the season.

Oakland 24 – New England 20/ [3-1]

Week 5 – New York Jets at New England: Belichick will be licking his chops once Rex Ryan takes one step onto the Gillette Stadium turf. What do you think Rex will say to Belichick? “I want to kiss your rings!”

New England 35 – New York Jets 17/ [4-1]

Week 6 – Dallas at New England: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was not pleased with his teams efforts during the ’10 season, but against Bob Kraft’s team, expect this to be more than a game, instead, it will be a chess match between the leagues two top owners.

New England 23 – Dallas 20/ [5-1]

Week 7 – BYE WEEK

Week 8 – New England at Pittsburgh: Hopefully, the Patriots will have made the proper adjustments during their bye week, but against a physical and talented Pittsburgh Steelers team, especially in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, just check the box where it says, “loss.”

Pittsburgh 28 – New England 23/ [5-2]  

Week 9 – New York Giants at New England: These two teams haven’t met during the regular season since ’07, but after the Patriots officially clinched the best record in football, New York beat them in the Super Bowl. This will certainly be a game that all Patriots fans won’t want to miss.

New England 17 – New York Giants 14/ [6-2]

Week 10 – New England at New York Jets: Consider this game part two of the New York-Boston beat down. The Patriots will finally sweep a season series against Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez, “cha ching.”

New England 28 – New York 24/ [7-2]

Week 11 – Kansas City at New England: Remember in ’08 when Tom Brady suffered a season ending injury and Matt Cassel had to play quarterback? Consider this a New England reunion, as Cassel and Romeo Crennel invade Foxborough.

Kanas City 26 – New England 20/ [7-3]

Week 12 – New England at Philadelphia: Expect Michael Vick to run all over the Patriots defense, as well as throw three or four touchdowns, which will make all fantasy owners happy, even if they aren’t Eagles fans.

Philadelphia 28 – New England 16/ [7-4]

Week 13 – Indianapolis at New England: During the ’07 season, Tom Brady passed Peyton Manning as the single season touchdown leader. Could Brady and Manning possibly be chasing any records at this point in the season? Possibly, right?

New England 34 – Indianapolis 30/ [8-4]

Week 14 – New England at Washington: The schedule begins to get easier and against the Redskins, they’ll win.

New England 31 –Washington 14/ [9-4]

Week 15 – New England at Denver: Who knows how good Denver will be this season, but while the expectations are high, especially now that John Elway in the saddle, expect number seven to suit up for the horses and lead his team to victory.

Denver 24 – New England 18/ [9-5]

Week 16 – Miami at New England: Playing on Christmas Eve should be fun, well, not exactly for the Patriots, as the Dolphins “wild-cat” formation will be on display all day.

New England 23 – Miami 19/ [10-5]

Week 17 – Buffalo at New England: By now, Belichick will at least know where the Patriots stand in the AFC playoff standings, so consider this a win for Buffalo.

Buffalo 18 – New England 10/ [10-6]