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Daily Noontime – December 13, 2011

Marshawn Lynch rushed for 100 yards and a TD on Monday, as Seattle defeated St. Louis on Monday! (Photo Credit: Zimbio)

Happy Tuesday to all, and welcome to another edition of the Daily Noontime! Here’s some quality news and headlines, enjoy! 


Marshawn Lynch not only rushed for 100 yards on Monday against the St. Louis Rams, but also, he kept his consecutive touchdown streak intact, as the Seattle Seahawks won, 30-13.

* The Miami Dolphins officially fired head coach Tony Sparano on Monday, and also announced that the organization is looking for a young Don Shula.

* Despite being shown the door on Monday, former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is certain that he’ll return to the sidelines soon.

* On Monday, the former Boston Celtics guard Delonte West inked his name on a Dallas Mavericks contract that’s worth $1.8 million.

* Chauncey Billups found himself a new team for the upcoming season on Monday, as he officially joined the Los Angles Clippers.

* According to various reports, former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky waived his preliminary hearing.

Games to Watch: 

* Los Angles at Boston (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* Detroit at Pittsburgh (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at Washington (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

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Here’s the great Bill Cosby talking about the one and only Tim Tebow, enjoy! 

Daily Noontime – December 1, 2011

More information continues to be revealed about Jerry Sandusky! (Photo Credit: Global Grind)

Happy Thursday and of course, Happy December too! Let’s kick-off the final month of 2011 with some headlines and news, enjoy! 


* According to a recent report regarding Jerry Sandusky, a new victim recently admitted that he was abused 100 times by the former Penn State assistant football coach.

* Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall was handcuffed and detained on Wednesday after a misunderstanding due to a $142 cab fare.

* According to a report from the Cleveland Dealer — Browns wide receiver Josh Cribbs admitted that he’s tired of being associated with a losing team.

* The Chicago Cubs have officially signed former Oakland Athletics outfielder David DeJesus, who agreed to a two-year deal, but according to a report via Yahoo! Sports, his wife admitted that she’s a “tad bit happy” that he’s headed to the Windy City.

* Washington State has officially agreed to terms with former Mike Leach to be their head coach of the football team next season.

Games to Watch: 

* Pittsburgh at Washington (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* Ottawa at Dallas (NHL) – 8:30pm eastern 

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Nothing  better than seeing a young boy smooth talk Heidi Watney!

Daily Noontime – November 17, 2011

Vince Young doesn't seem to be a happy camper these days!

Happy Thursday to everyone, and welcome into another grand edition of the Daily Noontime! Here’s some kick-butt news, headlines and much more! 


* After deeming the Philadelphia Eagles the so called, “dream team,” back-up quarterback Vince Young has admitted that he’s not happy with his current situation.

* According to Gorden Edes of ESPNBoston.com — the Chicago Cubs have made an offer to Dale Sveum to be their manager for the upcoming season.

* Former Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona admitted that he won’t manage a ball club next season.

* According to Yahoo! Sports — NBA commissioner David Stern will be hosting a conference call on Thursday to discuss with team owners the next phase in the lockout.

* More information was revealed late Wednesday evening about the entire Penn State saga in regards to a lawyer’s client is planning to testify against Jerry Sandusky.

* Former Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson, who is now a free agent, is looking for a six-year, $120 million contract for the upcoming season.

Games to Watch: 

* Columbus at Boston (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern

* North Carolina at No. 8 Virginia Tech (NCAA Football) – 8:00pm eastern 

* Detroit at San Jose (NHL) – 10:30pm eastern 

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This is probably one of the most bizarre interception you’ll ever see! 

Daily Noontime – November 15, 2011

Don't expect anything drastic to occur for the NBA anytime soon!

Alright, it’s Tuesday, which means the current week is motoring along, right? Here’s the latest news, headlines and more! 


* In case you haven’t heard, the NBA Players Association rejected the Owners proposal on Monday, which means the Lockout has shifted to a “nuclear winter,” according to commissioner David Stern.

* The Green Bay Packers pulverized the Minnesota Vikings on Monday evening, as well as earned their ninth win in a row.

* According to multiple sources, Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel have suffered serious injuries, and will most likely miss the remainder of the season.

* On Monday, the Philadelphia media confirmed that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick played Sunday with two broken ribs, and also hurt two more too.

* Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky proclaimed on a recent NBC interview that he is innocent.

* Apparently Aaron Rodgers is on target to shatter Tom Brady‘s 50 TD record this season. Rodgers currently has 28 TDs, and certainly is on par to tie the record.

Games to Watch: 

* New Jersey at Boston (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* Ottawa at Calgary (NHL) – 9:00pm eastern 

* No. 2 Kentucky at No. 11 Kansas (NCAA Basketball) – 9:00pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Wow! Here’s Aaron Rodgers talking after a community college football game! 

Moskowitz: Reflections On Penn State

Should Penn State end their football season, and focus on the more serious items?

By Norman Moskowitz 

I was disappointed, but not surprised, that the Penn State-Nebraska game as well as the rest of the season’s schedule was not canceled last Saturday. The alleged crimes and cover up were so serious that the priority should have been the continuation of the investigation of the criminal and civil aspects of this affair. The future of major college football can be decided on later.

The culture of America is continually a story of the influence of money and associated greed. We see it in politics, lobbying and legislation at all levels, sports, and in many other areas.

The purpose of a college or university is education and not in running a minor league for professional sports. Overemphasis on college sports goes back almost a hundred years. President Robert Maynard Hutchins of the University of Chicago shut down his top echelon football program, due to concern over the problems which big time college sports brought with it. Many, but not enough, of our top colleges and universities have kept control over their sports programs. Spring football practice is not allowed, full athletic scholarships are not awarded, and academic requirements are enforced. Intramural athletics, which all students are required to participate in, is more important than intercollegiate athletics.

Schools like Penn State will have to adjust to the reality of finding other ways to meet their budget requirements, rather than depending on an inappropriately large football or basketball program.

I hope that one of the results of this episode is the de-emphasis of current football programs at certain Universities.

Penn State and other Universities have excellent academic programs, and will survive the current distortion in values. The disgraced president and football coach at Penn State have made major contributions in their fields, and it is sad to see them end their careers in this manner. The problems of those who are being, and will be punished for their roles in this scandal are less than the trauma and long-term psychological lifetime stresses inflicted on the abused children.