Noontime Sports the Podcast with Kevin Tuve (CanAm League Baseball)

Our CanAm League baseball guru, Kevin Tuve joined Matt Noonan on Monday to preview the upcoming playoff series, which starts on Tuesday, but also to recap the 2011 season. 

Kevin Tuve on Noontime Sports the Podcast

Kevin Tuve

Our good friend and Director of Player Development for the Pittsfield Colonials (CanAm League), joined Noontime Sports the Podcast on Thursday to discuss the first half of the season. 

Kevin Tuve Podcast (5/15/11)

Good news, the Kevin Tuve Podcast is back, as he and Matt Noonan came together on Sunday May 15, to discuss the upcoming CanAm League season. Tuve, who is the Director of Player Development with the Pittsfield Colonials, discussed the squads most recent tryout, as well as talked about the leagues new teams. 

Kevin Tuve Podcast (4/4/11)

Kevin Tuve returned to the Noontime Sports airwaves Monday, when he, as well as Matt Noonan discussed and previewed the Butler-UConn March Madness championship, as well as discussed the first MLB weekend.

Noontime Sports March Madness Podcast Part II (3/23/11)

The Sweet Sixteen is upon us, which meant that Matt Noonan, as well as his “Jersey Boys,” Kevin Tuve and Chris Hurd got together to discuss the first series of games, as well as predict their Final Four representatives to head to Houston, Texas.