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Daily Noontime – April 21, 2011

Good news Bucs fans. If there is no season, you will get the London game refunded.

Happy Thursday to everyone and welcome to yet another Daily Noontime in April. Here is today’s headlines and news, but also, an amazing video of the day!


* The Dallas Mavericks will hit the road for Games 3 and 4 against the Portland Trail Blazers, but will they succeed outside of Texas?

* How about the play of Lamar Odom on Wednesday, not bad, right? Odom led the Los Angles Lakers past the New Orleans Hornets to even the series, 1-1.

* Even though they are scheduled to play in London this season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are planning to refund fans for the game.

* NFL Labor Talks will begin again on May 16, but one has to wonder, is the leagues unity dissolving?

* How should the Los Angles Dodgers feel about the MLB intervening and taking over?

* Believe it or not, but Steve Yzerman could be a possible NHL GM of the Year.

Games to Watch: 

* Atlanta at Los Angles Dodgers (MLB) – 3:10pm eastern

* Boston at Montreal (NHL Playoffs) – 7:00pm eastern

* Chicago Blackhawks at Vancouver (NHL Playoffs) – 10:00pm eastern

* Dallas at Portland (NBA Playoffs) – 10:30pm eastern

Video of the Day: 

You never want to score for the other team because otherwise, you just feel awkward, right?

Daily Noontime – April 20, 2011

Happy Wednesday! We apologize for no DAILY NOONTIME on Tuesday, but we are back and ready to provide today’s news and headlines, along with an awesome video of the day! 


* The NFL released it’s 2011 season, but due to the current lockout, what exactly does it all mean?

* Carmelo Anthony recorded 42 points, but it just wasn’t enough, as the New York Knicks lost to the Boston Celtics in Game 2 of the NBA playoffs on Tuesday.

* Besides the play of Anthony against the Celtics, Boston was dazzled by the performance of Rajon Rondo, who led his team with 30 points.

* San Francisco’s Brian Wilson has a certain pitch that amazes batters and fans.

* The Chicago Blackhawks live another day, as the Hawks beat the Canucks for the first time in the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs.

* Believe it or not, Los Angles Lakers forward Lamar Odom has won the “sixth man of the year” award.

Games to Watch: 

* Washington at New York Rangers (NHL Playoffs) – 7:00pm eastern

* Minnesota at Baltimore (MLB) – 7:05pm eastern

* Philadelphia at Buffalo (NHL Playoffs) – 7:30pm eastern

* Cleveland at Kansas City (MLB) – 8:10pm eastern

* Memphis at San Antonio (NBA Playoffs) – 8:30pm eastern

* New Orleans at Los Angles Lakers (NBA Playoffs) – 10:30pm eastern

Video of the Day: 

The New York Knicks considered this season a “start of a new era,” but currently, trailing Boston, two games to zero, things are not looking good in Manhattan! 

Daily Noontime – January 26, 2011

Is Jay Cutler really hurt or faking an injury?

It is indeed the middle of the week, so get excited! It is Wednesday January 26, 2011 and while another storm is headed to the Northeast, why don’t you check out the headline, games to watch and an amazing video of the day!


* THIS JUST IN… Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler used the stairs after his teams NFC Conference Championship loss on Sunday evening!

* At the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal‘s run toward a Grand Slam came to an end on Wednesday.

* Did Matthew Stafford‘s teammate, Zack Follet say something wrong about his Detroit Lions teammate?

* The Boston Celtics defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday, but were able to welcome back Kendrick Perkins to the line-up.

* Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has officially signed up with a new sponsor, which is his first since being in prison.

* New York Yankees Hank Steinbrenner has admitted that his team needs to win a World Series again.

* Apparently Los Angles Lakers forward Lamar Odom and Boston Celtics forward Shaquille O’Neal are being sued by an endorser.

Games to Watch:

* Florida at Boston (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern

* Washington at Atlanta (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern

* LA Clippers at Houston (NBA) – 8:30pm eastern

* San Antonio at Utah (NBA) – 9:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

In all honesty, did Jay Cutler really get hurt against the Packers on Sunday?