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Daily Noontime – November 2, 2011

So, Bill Polian said, Colts fans should be allowed to be upset or angry, eh?

Happy “Hump Day” y’all and welcome into yet another spectacular edition of the Daily Noontime! Here’s some kick-butt news, headlines, games and more! 


* According to a recent NFL.com article, Indianapolis Colts vice-chairman Bill Polian stated that his fans have the right to be mad and upset about their terrible season.

* According to recent reports – Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis is in trouble with his team for skipping a Boys and Girls Club event.

* Finally, Frank McCourt has decided that it’s time to sell his beloved baseball team, the Los Angles Dodgers.

* According to a recent TMZ report, Terrell Owens recently admitted that he’s struggling to pay child support, and asked the judge to lower his payment.

* With the NBA Lockout continuing to progress, many fans are starting to get annoyed with the league, and are eager for some basketball on television.

Games to Watch: 

* Philadelphia at Buffalo (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern 

* Toronto at New Jersey (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern 

* Temple at Ohio (NCAA Football) – 8:00pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Would you want to go watch this hockey team? 

Daily Noontime – October 25, 2011

Monday's game against the Jaguars wasn't the prettiest performance by the Ravens this season!

Happy Tuesday to everyone! It’s going to be a fantastic day, and well, let’s kick it off with some headlines and news! 


* It was an ugly Monday Night Football game, but somehow the Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Baltimore Ravens, 12-7.

* According to Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, he believes his offense should run the ball more and let Ray Rice be the focal point.

* The Texas Rangers scored two additional runs late in the fifth game of the World Series on Monday, and are now one game away from winning their first ever title.

* Apparently the MLB believes that Frank McCourt looted $189 million from the Los Angles Dodgers.

* Denver Broncos head coach John Fox told the media on Monday that his young quarterback, Tim Tebow is progressing.

* Reports surfaced late Monday night in regards to the NBA – the league has decided to cancel an additional two weeks.

Games to Watch: 

* Tampa Bay at Buffalo (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern 

* Anaheim at Chicago (NHL) – 8:30pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

This is just bizarre! 

Daily Noontime – September 2, 2011

Chris Johns might be a happy man these days, right?

Happy Friday to everyone and of course, happy weekend too! Here’s our  daily headlines and news, so of course, enjoy! 


* It’s been a while, but finally, Chris Johnson has a brand new contract with the Tennessee Titans.

* Apparently the MLB seems a tad bit skeptical about a $1.2-billion bid to purchase the bankrupt Los Angles Dodgers.

* Once again, the New York Yankees made things interesting, as they beat the Boston Red Sox on Thursday, 4-2.

* The Boston College Eagles will kick-off their 2011 season on Saturday, as they host Northwestern University. Although, it seems pretty apparent that the squad is rather confident with quarterback Chase Rettig.

* Once again, the vocal Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs has asked for a trade, but will he get it?

* As of recently, researchers at Boston University are studying the brain of former New York Rangers Derek Boogaard and hoping to understand more about his recent death.

Games to Watch: 

* Chicago White Sox at Detroit (MLB) – 7:05pm eastern 

* Texas at Boston (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at Florida (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern

* #14 TCU at Baylor (NCAA Football) – 8:00pm eastern  

* Arizona at San Francisco (MLB) – 10:15pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

The NBA might be locked-out, but that doesn’t mean the player have lost a step! 

Daily Noontime – July 22, 2011

The NFL owners are ready for some football!

It’s hot today… WICKED hot! In fact, it’s almost too hot for a Daily Noontime, right? NO… NEVER! Well, anyways, here’s the day’s headlines and news, enjoy!


* On Thursday the NFL owners ratified a new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), yet, what exactly did they approve?

* Sadly, the NFL lockout has yet to be lifted because of the players, yet, once they officially vote, football will return to normal… hopefully.

* Good news for Boston Red Sox fans, they want to keep Jacoby Ellsbury in centerfield for a while.

* As of now, Kobe Bryant and Deron Williams are just a few of the big NBA names that are either planning or considering going abroad, but why is that a bad thing?

* According to sources, two new suspects who were involved with beating a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodgers stadium were arrested.

* This sounds interesting, Chad Ochocinco explaining why he’s “allergic” to the sun. Again, fascinating stuff, right?

Games to Watch: 

* St. Louis at Pittsburgh (MLB) – 7:05pm eastern 

Milwaukee at San Francisco (MLB) – 10:15pm eastern

Video of the Day: 

Get excited because “Sunday Night Football” looks like it’s on the way! 

Noonan: Few Thoughts on Jeter’s 3,000th Hit

Derek Jeter became the newest member of the 3,000 club on Saturday!

By Matt Noonan 

Move over Bernie Mac because we’ve officially witnessed the newest member of the 3,000 club, Derek Jeter.  

Jeter connected on his 3,000th hit on Saturday afternoon in the Bronx against Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price. Yet, this particular “hit” was certainly special, since it didn’t land in the outfield or infield grass, but instead, the bleachers.

Fans pushed and shoved one another to get their paws on a piece of history, while the Yankees players and coaches rushed the field to meet their captain at the plate with high-fives, hugs and smiles.

As a casual baseball fan, I was overjoyed to see Jeter become the newest member of the 3,000 club. He joins guys like Roberto Clemente, Wade Boggs, Ricky Henderson andCal Ripken Jr., just to name a few.

Yet, what exactly does this accomplishment mean, especially in the wacky world of the MLB?

Well, I guess it’s fair to say that despite all the cheating or doping, as well as franchises going under due to economic woes, (thank you, Frank McCourt), it’s a special moment that allows even the more relaxed fan to say, “wow, I just witnessed history!”

Hey, this is Derek Jeter we’re talking about, the true poster boy for the New York Yankees, so of course, it’s special and important, right?

Although, does this particular at-bat remind anyone of Mark McGwire’s 70th home run?

Could Jeter’s 3,000th hit have any parallels to Barry Bonds‘s 756th home run?

In all honesty, there’s so many moments that one could compare this particular event too, but seriously, I’m very happy to see that Jeter earned this glorious moment because he definitely deserved it.

In fact, it’s refreshing news, especially after spending the past week reading about Roger Clemens’s trial.

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