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Daily Noontime – June 17, 2011

The Boston Bruins - Black and Gold Fan Base is still in Awe!

Happy Friday to everyone, but also, welcome to yet another weekend in 2011, wahoo! Here’s today’s headlines and news, so enjoy! 


* According to some Boston Bruins fans, this particular NHL Stanley Cup championship seems like one BIG DREAM, but really, it happened.

* So, the Vancouver Canucks indeed lost to the Boston Bruins in Game 7, but what exactly did the riots teach hockey fans?

* While it sounds like the NFL is close to a new CBA, some owners apparently are not interested in finishing the deal.

* The Boston Red Sox maybe in first place of the American League East division, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for the local nine.

* Finally, the Minnesota Timberwolves and Ricky Rubio are officially on the same page for the upcoming NBA season.

* The Dallas Mavericks championship celebration continued on Thursday, as the squad celebrated with a parade in the Lone Star State.

Games to Watch: 

*  New York Yankees at Chicago Cubs (MLB) – 2:20pm eastern

* Milwaukee at Boston (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern

* Texas at Atlanta (MLB) – 7:35pm eastern

* San Francisco at Oakland (MLB) – 10:05pm eastern

Video of the Day: 

I think it is appropriate, especially after the Boston Bruins won the cup on Wednesday to re-live Jack Edwards heroic post-game speech. 

Boston Wins The Stanley Cup, Beats Vancouver 4-0 in Game 7

It's been a long 39-years, but on Wednesday, Boston won its sixth Stanley Cup Championship against Vancouver!

By Matt Noonan 

The Boston Bruins won the cup; the Boston Bruins won the cup!

Wait, did Boston actually win the Stanley Cup? That’s Lord Stanley’s Cup, right? Yep, the men dressed as grown-up bumblebees were victorious on Wednesday evening, as they defeated the New York Yankees on ice, (a.k.a. Vancouver Canucks), 4-0.

Wake up Mayor Thomas Menino, contact Governor Deval Patrick and alert the Boston Police Department because the home team was victorious.

This isn’t something that happens over night or once a month, but really, once every few years. The Bruins haven’t experienced this much joy since Richard Nixon was the president of the United States and America was involved with the Vietnam War. Although, 39-years later, the current men dressed in Black and Gold have something to celebrate, the franchises sixth championship.

Patrice Begeron and Brad Marchand each netted two goals a piece and yes, they baffled Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo, who finished Game 7 with only 17-saves.

“In this one game, they were the better team,” Alain Vigneault said via NHL.com.

Tim Thomas played phenomenally, as he denied 37-shots and ended the ’11 postseason with four shutouts, which is quite impressive.

“Boston played a real strong game. They’ve got great goaltending and [they] deserved to win,” Vigneault said.

All in all, it took seven games against Montreal, Tampa Bay and Vancouver, as well as four against Philadelphia, but in the end, Boston finished the ’10-’11 season as NHL champions for the first time since 1972.

The Pre-Game Speech

Expect both head coaches to give inspiring and important pre-game speeches before Game 7 of the NHL Finals!

By NoontimeSports.com

The 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Finals will conclude on Wednesday at the Rogers Arena. Both Boston and Vancouver want the Stanley Cup, yet, one has to wonder, what exactly will the pre-game speech be like for both squads? Well,  Noontime Sports doesn’t exactly know the particulars, but instead, compiled some of the best “pump-up” speeches to get everyone excited for tonight’s finale! 

1.) In any Rocky movie, you’ll find an important speech. In Rocky Balboa, Rocky gives a sensational pep-talk to his son, as well as stresses the importance of not giving up.



2.) In the Pursuit of Happyness Will Smith exhibits the true meaning of not being a quitter. He explains to his son in this particular scene that one can’t give up in life. In the end, Smith’s character succeeds due to his hard work and effort.



3.) Gene Hackman gives one of the best pre-game speech in the movie Hoosiers. Heck, if you don’t think is great, you might want to check your pulse.



4.) Against the Soviet Union in the 1980 Winter Olympics, Herb Brooks delivered a riveting speech to his young USA team before one of the greatest upsets in world hockey occurred in Lake Placid, New York. America beat the Russians, as well as went onto capture the gold medal, but all in all, it was an uplifting moment in the country’s history.



5.) Rudy is the perfect movie for any underdog. When the main character Rudy felt like he did everything he could for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, he quit, but eventually, he returned to the gridiron and it was all because of a special friend, as well as an important pep-talk.


Daily Noontime – June 15, 2011

Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals is Wednesday, but will this be the year for the Bruins?

Happy Wednesday to everyone and welcome to yet another Daily Noontime! Let’s get today started with headlines and news, so enjoy! 


* It was a special evening for the Peoria Chiefs (Class A Affiliate of the Chicago Cubs), as the organization handed out replica LeBron James NBA Finals rings.

* It seems that according to a variety of sources the NFL Lockout is close to being over than past times. What does this actually mean? Well, maybe, just maybe, we might see an agreement in the works soon.

* UFL coach Jerry Glanville is “leery” of Terrelle Pryor, especially after everything that happened the past few months at Ohio State University.

* According to one reporter, the Dallas Mavericks are just beginning their quest for future NBA crowns. Do you agree?

* Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals is Wednesday and yes, even the “Big Bad Bruins” from the 1970’s want to see Boston beat Vancouver.

* If the Vancouver Canucks want to win, it all starts with their goaltender, Roberto Luongo.

Games to Watch: 

* Boston at Vancouver (NHL Stanley Cup Finals – Game 7) – 8:00pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

The NHL Stanley Cup Finals ends Wednesday, which means someone will hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup!

Noonan: Expect Game 7 between the Bruins and Canucks to be a Classic

Game 7 is Wednesday and yes, it should be a classic dog-fight!

By Matt Noonan 

This has been a magical ride.

The Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks have put on quite a show the past few weeks and now it comes down to one game, Game 7.

This is the one for all the marbles. This is the one that you’ll tell your grandchildren about. This is the game that will decide who is truly the better team.

For the past six games, it’s been a toss up, who’s better? Both Boston and Vancouver haven’t lost in front of their home fans, which makes me wonder, does that mean the Canucks are a shoe-in for Game 7? Well, I’d probably say yes, but do statistics really matter now?

Really, this particular Game 7 is more about, “who wants it more,” instead of statistics, numbers and home crowds. Who cares that the Bruins have struggled in Canada for the past few weeks because hey, it happened in Montreal two months ago, remember?

The Canucks might have the better record, but really, are they that good? Seriously, what makes them ever so different from the men dressed in Black and Gold?

Our good friend, Dan Rubin had some interesting commentary for Noontime Sports this past week in regards to why the Canucks don’t deserve Lord Stanley’s Cup and really, after their crude remarks and antics, I guess it’s safe to say, I agree with my colleague.

Seriously, do you think it’s necessary to have Roberto Luongo preach the importance of goaltending to the media? What exactly does that accomplish?

Of course, we can’t forget about Alexandre Burrows’s incident, which involved him chomping on Patrice Bergeron’s fingers in Game 1.

Does anyone forget what happened to Nathan Horton? I’m sure Bruins fans won’t forget that vicious hit by Aaron Rome, who apparently told the media he’d hit the Bruins forward like that again, which is totally unnecessary.   

Although, the Bruins have taken shots at the Canucks too, which is why this series has somewhat turned into a USA vs. Canada fight, but we know who won that one last year in the Olympics… sigh.

Game 7 will be exciting and yes, I bet this will be one heck of a grand finale. Don’t assume the Bruins or Canucks are a lock to win this series because really, this isn’t about past history, but instead, who wants it more.

Boston hasn’t hoisted a Stanley Cup since 1972, while Vancouver has yet to win a championship in their 40-year history, so really, this game should be an instant classic, right?

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