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Bill Hancock (Executive Director for the BCS) on Noontime Sports the Podcast

Bill Hancock, the Executive Director for the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) for College Football, joined Noontime Sports the Podcast on Wednesday, December 15, 2010, to discuss the upcoming bowl season, as well as recap the year.


For more information on the Bowl Championship Series, check out their website by clicking HERE!

Daily Noontime – November 29, 2010

Good Monday morning to everyone and welcome to the Daily Noontime for November 29, 2010. Lets get the day started, so have a fantastic final Monday of November!


* After an exciting 31-26 victory against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Chicago Bears now remain atop their division and control their own “destiny.”

* Peyton Manning threw four interceptions as the Indianapolis Colts lost to the San Diego Chargers, 36-14.

* Should we say that Tennessee Titans Cortland Finnegan could be classified as a true, “dirty” player?

* The San Antonio Spurs keep on rolling, as they handed the New Orleans Hornets their first home loss of the NBA season.

* How bad have the Miami Heat played? They look pathetic, but now want to be contenders, not pretenders, but will that happen?

* Could former New York Yankee, Derek Jeter, be headed to join the San Francisco Giants? That is a classy organization too, right?

* Auburn and Oregon continue to play musical chairs in the BCS standings.

Games to Watch:

* Dallas at Carolina (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern

* New Orleans at Oklahoma City (NBA) – 8:00pm eastern

* San Francisco at Arizona (NFL) – 8:30pm eastern

* Los Angles at Anaheim (NHL) – 10:00pm eastern

Video of the Day:

What do you think about this play? Pretty exciting, eh?

Daily Noontime – November 15, 2010

A good morning, hello and of course, welcome to NoontimeSports.com. It is Monday, a brand new week is upon us and that means we need to kick it off with the Daily Noontime. Have a great day!


* With Jason Garrett at the helm, the Dallas Cowboys snapped a five game losing streak and defeated the NFC East first place New York Giants, 33-20.

* Former NFL player and Needham High School standout, Eric Johnson, has officially announced his engagement with pop star Jessica Simpson.

* It took 10 weeks, but finally, the Buffalo Bills earned their first victory of the season over the Detroit Lions, 14-12.

* Tom Brady threw three touchdown passes and ran for one too, as the New England Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers, 39-26.

* The Blue Devils of Duke University had no problem against the Tigers of Princeton on Sunday.

* Miami Heat guard/forward Lebron James responded to his comments about head coach Erik Spoelstra.

* Oregon remains number one in College Football, but don’t count out Boise State or TCU.

Games to Watch:

* New Jersey at Boston (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern

* Vancouver at Buffalo (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern

* Philadelphia at Washington (NFL) – 8:30pm eastern

* New Orleans at Dallas (NBA) – 8:30pm eastern

* Oklahoma City at Utah (NBA) – 9:00pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Excited for Monday Night Football? Here is a cartoon that gets you set for kickoff!

Daily Noontime – November 1, 2010

Welcome to a brand new month on Noontime Sports! It is Monday November 1, 2010 and it is time to start off the day with our Daily Noontime! Have a fantastic morning, afternoon and evening.


* The New England Patriots earned their sixth victory of the season on Sunday, as they beat the Minnesota Vikings, 28-18.

* Vikings quarterback Brett Favre suffered another injury against the Patriots, but now the question is what does head coach Brad Childress do now?

* Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones is dumbfounded following his teams sixth loss of the season Sunday and has seemed to admit defeat.

* If you still are thinking about Halloween, check this article out about the New Orleans Saints fans.

* Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo has decided to forgo wearing a headband this season thus far.

* The San Francisco Giants are one game away from earning their first World Series victory in the Bay Area.

* Auburn and Oregon have swapped spots in the BCS standings following another exciting weekend of college football.

* LeBron James has admitted that if he were to have done his decision process again, it would have been different from the one he did this past summer.

Games to Watch:

* Chicago at New York Rangers (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern

* San Francisco at Texas (MLB – World Series) – 7:57pm eastern

* Portland at Chicago (NBA) – 8:00pm eastern

* Houston at Indianapolis (NFL) – 8:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Will Ferrell spoke with ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews on the set of College Game Day on Saturday to discuss his picks for the day.

Daily Noontime – October 22, 2010

Hard to believe, but it is officially Friday! Here is our Daily Noontime for October 22, 2010, have an awesome weekend!


* The Philadelphia Phillies have earned another day to play some baseball, following their 4-2 victory of the San Francisco Giants.

* Nick Swisher of the New York Yankees is sticking with a Game 5 superstition to help his team win Game 6 against the Texas Rangers.

* Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz will play in Game 6 against the Yankees, despite a hamstring injury.

* Brett Favre‘s “lady friend” has now hired a lawyer, due to photos and voicemail’s she received from the future hall of fame quarterback.

* The Dallas Cowboys have decided to bring referees to practice to understand what exactly is a penalty.

* Dwight Howard expressed his opinion toward LeBron James who is upset about mean and nasty tweets on Twitter.

* Peter King of Sports Illustrated has his NFL week seven picks, so take a look and see if your team is bound to win!

* The number two college team in the nation, Oregon, beat UCLA on Thursday, 60-13.

Games to Watch this Weekend:

* South Florida at Cincinnati (NCAA FB) (Friday) – 8:00pm eastern

* New York Yankees at Texas (MLB Playoffs) (Friday) – 8:07pm eastern

* Notre Dame at Navy (NCAA FB) (Saturday) – 12:00pm eastern

* #6 LSU at #4 Auburn (NCAA FB) (Saturday) – 3:30pm eastern

* San Francisco at Philadelphia (MLB Playoffs) (Saturday) – 3:57pm eastern

* #1 Oklahoma at #11 Missouri (NCAA FB) (Saturday) – 8:00pm eastern

IF NECESSARY – * New York Yankees at Texas (MLB Playoffs) (Saturday) – 8:07pm eastern

IF NECESSARY – * San Francisco at Philadelphia (MLB Playoffs) (Sunday) – 7:57pm eastern

* Cincinnati at Atlanta (NFL) (Sunday) – 1:00pm eastern

* Philadelphia at Tennessee (NFL) (Sunday) – 1:00pm eastern

* Pittsburgh at Minnesota (NFL) (Sunday) – 1:00pm eastern

* New England at San Diego (NFL) (Sunday) – 4:15pm eastern

* Minnesota at Green Bay (NFL) (Sunday) – 8:20pm eastern

Video of the Day:

With the NHL season already under way, here is a rule for all hockey fans to know about dating!