Daily Noontime – March 5, 2012

Rajon Rondo recorded a triple-double against New York on Sunday! (Photo Credit: USA Today)

By NoontimeSports.com 

Good Monday to everyone! Let’s kick-off a brand new work week with some kick-butt news and headline from the city of champions, Boston!

* The Boston Celtics extended their current winning streak to four games, as they defeated the New York Knicks on Sunday, 115-109 in overtime. Rajon Rondo once again ignored the ongoing trading rumors by finishing the game with 18 points, 17 rebounds and 20 assists, while Paul Pierce paced the Green and White with 34 points. New York’s Jeremy Lin finished with 14 points, five assists and four rebounds. Boston will conclude its five-game circuit on Tuesday when they host the Houston Rockets for a 7:30pm tip-off.

* The Boston Bruins have dropped two of their last three, as the New York Rangers defeated the Black and Gold on Sunday, 4-3 at Madison Square Garden. Derek Stepan netted the go-ahead goal at 12:21 to secure the win for the Rangers, who snapped a one-game losing streak. The Bruins will return to the ice on Tuesday when they face-off against the Maple Leafs in Toronto.

* According to reports – Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has yet to make any announcement on Tuukka Rask, who sustained a lower-body injury on Saturday against the New York Islanders. However, once Sunday’s game concluded against the Rangers, the Bruins announced that they should have a better gage on the goaltender’s injury, as well as his status on Monday, (when news becomes available, we’ll link it on the blog).

* Finally, various reports on Monday have confirmed that eight more men have announced that they were abused by a former Boston Red Sox clubhouse manager, who is now dead. For more information on this particular story – CLICK HERE.

Daily Noontime – February 22, 2012

Sad news was confirmed on Tuesday evening, as Tom Brady's mentor Tom Martinez died on his 66th birthday. (Photo Credit: Gridironfans.com)

By NoontimeSports.com 

Happy “Hump Day” everyone, and welcome into yet another tremendous edition of the Daily Noontime. Here are some headlines and news swirling throughout the city of Boston, as well as New England.

* On Tuesday evening, sources confirmed that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady‘s mentor Tom Martinez passed away on his 66th birthday. The two formed a bond when Martinez began assisting Brady with his mechanics in high school before the quarterback went onto the University of Michigan and New England. Brady kept in contact with his mentor over the past few years, and was quoted for saying, “I’m forever indebted to him.”

* Day Two of the Boston Red Sox spring training is set to begin on Wednesday morning, and according to sources, designated hitter David Ortiz has arrived in Fort Myers, and expected to take part in a team workouts on Thursday, which is when other positional players are expected to report, too.

* The Boston Bruins will return to the ice on Wednesday evening when they skate against the St. Louis Blues. The Black and Gold have lost two of their last three contests, and were recently blanked by the Minnesota Wild this past weekend for the sixth time this season.

* Patrice Bergeron told the media on Tuesday that he and his teammates aren’t expecting GM Peter Chiarelli to pull the trigger and acquire a necessary piece for the Bruins offense or defense before the NHL trade deadline. Boston has won four of their last 10 contests, and appears confident with the current squad in the locker room.

Daily Noontime – January 4, 2012

According to sources -- Tuukka Rask wants to remain in Boston for the foreseeable future! (Photo Credit: ViewFromMySeats.com)

By NoontimeSports.com 

Good morning, and welcome into yet another edition of the newly refurbished Daily Noontime!

Here is some of the latest news swirling around the city of Boston, and six states of New England.

* Boston Bruins backup goaltender Tuukka Rask told the media on Tuesday that he wants to remain with the Black and Gold for the foreseeable future. Rask has played in 13 games this season, and has earned eight wins and two shutout victories. However, he’s expected to become a restricted free agent in July, but according to GM Peter Chiarelli, he believes that his second string goaltender will remain with the organization for the “future.”

* No. 21 Harvard dropped their second contest of the season in New York, as Fordham University defeated the Crimson men’s basketball team, 60-54. Despite the loss, Harvard remains undefeated at home, but has only won five-of-seven contests on the road this season, too.

* The only other basketball score to report is Yale University defeated Holy Cross, 82-67.

* New England Patriots offensive guard Brian Waters expressed to various media outlets that he hopes Gillette Stadium is loud for their first postseason contest on Saturday, Jan. 14, and possibly, Sunday, Jan. 22, too. Gillette Stadium isn’t exactly the most intimidating place to play, but Waters believes the place can be “loud.”

* Games to Watch: The Bruins will face-off against the New Jersey Devils this evening at 7:30pm, while the Celtics will host the New Jersey Nets for a 7:30pm tip-off. Also, Northeastern University’s men’s basketball team will host University of North Carolina Wilmington at the Matthews Arena; tip-off is scheduled for 7:00pm.

Bruins Release MacDermid and Sauve

By NoontimeSports.com 

According to the Boston Bruins, General Manager Peter Chiarelli announced on Sunday morning that the team has released Lane MacDermid and Max Sauve, who’ll be assigned to the Providence Bruins, who play in the American Hockey League.

The Bruins roster now consists of 25-players and they’ll begin their quest toward acquiring their seventh Stanley Cup on Thursday against the Philadelphia Flyers at the TD Garden.

Libon: Who truly deserves this Cup?

Bruins captain Zdeno Chara celebrates the Stanley Cup on Thursday with fans at the TD Garden!

By Dan Libon 

Vindication. That is what this Stanley Cup is all about for the Boston Bruins.

It’s vindication for players, coaches, and management who were often told, “you can’t win the big win,” but guess what, they did.

Although, now that the Bruins have officially earned yet another Lord Stanley’s Cup for their trophy case, it’s time to really think about the people who truly deserve the honor of being remembered from this past season.

Heck, I don’t know if everyone should be accounted for the team’s success this season, but hey, that’s what I think.

Jeremy Jacobs: Considered one of the worst owners in all of sports, Jacobs never wanted to spend money on “big players.” So with that being said, he always said, “give me a salary cap and I’ll give you something decent.” No one should really give him credit for the team’s championship because he does not appear to be a “hands on” owner. Credit should be given to the next guy, but certainly, not him. Overall – Jeremy deserves this honor, but shouldn’t receive a boat-load of credit for it.

Peter Chiarelli: He was brought here to be a master of the salary cap, as well as help re-build the Black and Gold. He acquired Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand in the ‘06 draft (50th and 71st respectively), as well as traded Dennis Wideman in for Nathan Horton and Gregory Campbell, which turned out to be one of the biggest steals in Bruins history. So, maybe, just maybe, Peter deserves some credit, right? Overall – This might be a toss-up, but I’d say, yes, Peter deserves this special honor.

Tim Thomas: In ‘05, Thomas pretty much was told, he wouldn’t be a full-time goaltender and that his best option was to pursue his dream of playing hockey overseas. Although, the Bruins activated Thomas’ option the day before the Finnish Elite League season began, which kept him in New England. He struggled in Providence, as well as in Boston, but eventually helped the Bruins win their first Stanley Cup in 39-years against the Vancouver Canucks this past Wednesday. Overall – Of course, the goaltender deserves it.

Claude Julien: No one in the Boston Bruins organization took more heat this season than the head coach. Julien should eventually receive the Bill Belichick treatment. The hardcore hockey writers will still criticize him for just about anything, but in the end, Julien has been a positive impact for this particular team. They’ve gone from being chokers to champions. Overall – Yes, the head coach deserves it.

The Team: With the Bruins’ being somewhat of a young squad, I’d expect the crew to remain intact for the next few years. Also, players like Tyler Seguin and Steven Kampfer will need to step up next season, but all in all, Boston could be seeing the beginning of a “dynasty,” as long as everyone remains healthy. Overall – They deserve it.

Noonan: Boston Bruins Playoff Thoughts and Predictions

Can the Boston Bruins actually do it? Can they win the Stanley Cup?

By Matt Noonan

Noontime Sports will make sure to keep you up to date with both the Boston Bruins and Celtics, as they each compete for championships and glory.

However, despite us not actually being at the TD Garden for the next two months or wherever the teams may travel, it will be our goal to provide the best insight, opinions and analysis after the conclusion of every contest.

We begin our two part series on looking at both squads, as well as analyzing their chances on brining a championship to Boston. Here is our take on the Boston Bruins, as well as our thoughts on if the Black and Gold can win the Stanley Cup this season.

Thoughts on the Boston Bruins: For many Bostonians and New Englanders, the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs couldn’t have returned at a better time. All the Black and Gold supporters are revved up and ready for some playoff hockey, in fact, it has been on the menu since the 2010-11 season began primarily because of the most epic collapse in Boston sports history.

After earning their first series win against a rather talented Buffalo Sabres team, which was captained by the best goaltender in the world, Ryan Miller, the city of Boston was buzzing and images of a Stanley Cup parade were on the minds of many fans or spectators, especially after an early 3-0 series lead against the modern day, “Broad Street Bullies.” Everything was set up perfectly for the Bruins because one more win meant punching their ticket to the Eastern Conference Finals, which hasn’t happened since their last visit in 1992 against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Game 4 arrived and with the chance to close out the series and then eventually play the eighth seeded Montreal Canadiens; Boston immediately switched gears and turned into a very timid squad that witnessed the Philadelphia Flyers tally 15-goals in four games, as well as a Bruins shutout at the TD Garden during Game 5.

Let’s just say it was awful and what was even worse was the dramatic Game 7, which literally recapped and highlighted the entire series. The Bruins took an early 3-0 lead during the first period, but then squandered any chance of a possible victory and allowed Philadelphia the opportunity to record four goals.

Philadelphia celebrated like champions and then marched onto the Stanley Cup Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks two series later, which didn’t end in their favor, as the Hawks won the series, 4-2.

While the Boston-Philadelphia redemption maybe on everyone’s mind, the Black and Gold though are a much more talented team than in years past. They may not have won as many games as they did during the 2008-09 season, but between solid goaltending of Tim Thomas, as well as the recent play of Zdeno Chara, the Bruins seem determined to not let another downfall occur.

Although, let’s also be completely honest and state that head coach Claude Julien is probably somewhere crossing his fingers extra tightly, so that he won’t have to send any cover letters for a new job.

Yet, what will make this second season quite enjoyable are a few things, which includes, playing quality defense, winning face-offs and making sure to win power plays. Although, didn’t the Bruins bring in Tomas Kaberle for the power play? If so, here is the perfect opportunity for the former Toronto Maple Leaf to earn his paycheck.

Also, watch the play of Nathan Horton and Milan Lucic, who should certainly spark the Bruins offense. Lucic, who clearly has had one of his best seasons will need to ratchet up his game, as well as find any scoring opportunity to give Boston comfortable leads throughout the first and second period.

Another thing the Bruins need to do this postseason is actually play physical hockey. It seemed as if the Flyers had stolen their mojo after Game 4 and never returned it. Watch any highlights of their final four games of the playoffs and even the casual fan will notice that the Bruins physicality and adrenaline had officially evaporated.

All in all, the Bruins certainly have potential to make this a fun and exciting post-season, but similar to their past three seasons, they have struggled immensely.

The Bruins have a much deeper bench than previous seasons, as well as have a boatload of talent. They made the right moves, added the necessary pieces that general manager Peter Chiarelli felt were necessary, so now, it’s time to sit back, relax, grab some pop corn and see what this team is made of, but who knows, maybe New Englanders will watch yet another tumultuous ending, but what do I know?


Prediction: I’ll say that the Boston Bruins will at least make it to the Eastern Conference playoffs and face either the New York Rangers or Philadelphia Flyers to decide who will represent the east in the Stanley Cup Finals. I don’t see the Bruins making it to the championship this year, but being able to play in an Eastern Conference championship for the first time in 19-years is clearly the right step for this organization.

Also, if the Bruins can indeed make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, expect head coach Claude Julien to return for the 2011-12 season.

Stanley Cup Prediction: Detroit Red Wings vs. New York Rangers, (Red Wings win the series in six games, 4-2).

Are the Boston Bruins for real? Any thoughts on a Stanley Cup?

By Matt Noonan

Every sports fan knows that Boston is the home of champions or at least, the runners up, right? Sure, the past few seasons have been quite enjoyable as fans have been able to relish the fact that the Boston Celtics and Red Sox, as well as New England Patriots are not just competitors, but also, winners.

As of recently it seems that the Boston Bruins are joining that mix and whether you’d like to accept them or not, you might want to consider their most recent success on the road.

For the past week and a half, the Bruins not only left the comforts of their home TD Garden locker room, but spent one night in Long Island, New York before venturing across Canada, where they steamrolled all of their opponents.

So, what should be said about these Bruins? Are they possibly a legit team or contender?

It maybe too early to state that, but make sure you remember those words, especially if that special day does occur.

Although, will the Bruins continue their success against Tampa Bay on Thursday or will they have to rely on their other TD Garden resident, the Boston Celtics to keep on winning, so they can remain in their shadow, especially if the Black and Gold start losing.

It isn’t apparent or definite that the Bruins will immediately resort back to their old ways, where they couldn’t win face-offs or capitalize on power plays, but let’s all not get too confident because again, it was only six-games.

There is still a lot of hockey remaining before the Stanley Cup playoffs begin in April, so don’t get too excited because often times the Bruins can let us down and certainly, it does hurt, doesn’t it?

Does everyone remember what happened last April and May? The Bruins not only stumbled into the playoffs as a the sixth seed, but stunned the city of Boston by beating Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres.

Their next opponent was the seventh seeded Philadelphia Flyers, a team that not only has some history with the Black and Gold, but also was an admirable opponent. After jumping out to a 3-0 series lead, the Bruins fell apart completely, as they allowed the Flyers to become the Red Sox of the NHL and win a seven-game series.

The loss was embarrassing and still is hard to swallow today, so if the Bruins are indeed for real, then possibly, they need to win the Stanley Cup now.

Don’t extend the current championship drought any longer and let’s see the city of Boston rejoice with the Bruins this June.

Couldn’t you see Mayor Thomas Menino and Governor Deval Patrick shaking hands with Bruins greats, such as Cam Neely or Bobby Orr? Possibly, fans could witness the team’s general manager Peter Chiarelli high fiving every Black and Gold supporter and maybe, just maybe, the Celtics would honor Bill Russell with a statue on that same day?

Wait, what did I say?

I’ll save the Bill Russell comment for another day, but in all honesty, hasn’t this current road trip got you thinking Stanley Cup? I know I have, but again, these are the Boston Bruins and anything can certainly happen.

The Bruins will end their 2010-2011 season on the road against the New Jersey Devils on April 10, which means that the second season of hockey is upon us, but again, lets take it one day it a time because the city of Boston is used to having their hearts broken.