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Noonan: Saying So Long to the Shaq We Know and Love

Shaq was not just an athlete, but a celebrity we loved!

By Matt Noonan 

It’s finally set in, but seriously, no Shaquille O’Neal in 2011, are you serious?

That’s right, Shaq’s days are numbered, toast and yes, he won’t be playing for any NBA team the next few years. Instead, he’ll be sitting back, relaxing, possibly pursuing a Masters and maybe, shooting the sequel to Kazaam?

Although, while the NBA will indeed miss O’Neal, fans shouldn’t worry too much because the athletic celebrity will continue to make noise, I promise.

He’s been in movies, mentioned in songs, hosted Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards, as well as been spotted at a variety of Hollywood parties and events.

Remember when he was a police officer in Miami?

How about when he joined the Phoenix Suns and ESPN did a spoof on him and cactuses?

Remember when he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers and promised to “win a ring for the King” (LeBron James)? Yep, that didn’t happen, luckily.

Shaq’s presence on and off the court is what makes the gentle giant so loveable and enjoyable. Yet, how many athletes or celebrities can be compared to Shaquille O’Neal? Seriously, who are other athletes that can be measured up to Shaq’s status?

The first one that comes to mind is Peyton Manning. Who didn’t enjoy Manning’s various Saturday Night Live montages? Didn’t you like watching him play football with the young kids of New York or attempting to hotwire/breaking into a car? What about his hysterical Direct-TV commercials, aren’t those laugh out loud funny?

Terrell Owens is another athletic celebrity that many Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers fans despise, but have enjoyed witnessing outside of the NFL. Owens is most remembered for the Monday Night Football clip, where he is seen with a cast member from Desperate Housewives, who dropped her towel and flailed into his arms naked. He has also taken part in celebrity basketball games, as well as appeared on the show, Pro’s vs. Joe’s and much more.

Deion Sanders, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky have all embraced the celebrity life in various ways, but overall, they’re not Shaq.

Shaq is unique and cannot be replicated or cloned. He’s someone very special to the sports world and certainly he’ll be missed.

O’Neal walks away with four NBA championships, three Finals MVP’s, as well as other awards and unfortunately, he didn’t help the Boston Celtics capture Banner 18, but that doesn’t matter because he’ll always be loved.

Daily Noontime – Tuesday May 31, 2011

Did Jim Tressel do the right thing on Monday?

Happy Tuesday to everyone and welcome to back to yet another work week! Hopefully you had a wonderful LONG weekend, so allow us, Noontime Sports, to kick-off your final day of May with news and headlines! 


* It’s official, Ohio State Buckeyes football coach Jim Tressel has left the building and yes, the alumni have something to say.

* According to Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash, he believes that all NBA players would accept gay teammates.

* Despite the ongoing NFL Lockout, season ticket sales for all 32 teams is “ahead of last year’s season ticket pace.”

* Here’s an interesting article in regards to “violence” in the MLB press box, which is definitely something fans never thinks of when going to a game, right?

* Besides Coach Tressel, Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor is now being investigated by the college and NCAA.

* It’s easy to hate LeBron James, especially after his “Decision” last July, but here’s someone who has a thought on why NBA fans should cheer him on in the NBA Finals.

Games to Watch: 

* Texas at Tampa Bay (MLB) – 6:40pm eastern

* Philadelphia at Washington (MLB) – 7:05pm eastern

* Chicago White Sox at Boston (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern

* Dallas at Miami (NBA Finals) – 9:00pm eastern

Video of the Day: 

The NHL Stanley Cup Finals is one day away, so let’s get you excited for Bruins-Canucks series! 

Daily Noontime – April 4, 2011

After an exciting season, UConn will head back to New England.

Good morning to everyone and welcome into yet another Daily Noontime in April. Here is today’s headlines, news, as well as the video of the day, enjoy!


* With the NFL Draft just a few weeks away, it continues to be a mystery in regards to who will be the first pick.

* The UConn Men’s basketball team will compete for another national title against Butler on Monday, but the women’s squad will return to Connecticut due to being eliminated in the Final Four by Notre Dame.

* It has been quite some time since the New York Knicks made the NBA playoffs, but on Sunday, they officially clinched.

* The NHL playoffs are right around the corner, which means that the conference seedings will be a hot topic during this final week of the season.

* San Antonio needed a win badly on Sunday and what happened…well… they actually snapped their longest losing streak and beat the Phoenix Suns.

* Talk about a horrific start for the Red Sox, who lost their opening series to the Texas Rangers on Sunday, 5-1.

Games to Watch:

* Arizona at Chicago Cubs (MLB) – 2:20pm eastern

* Minnesota at New York Yankees (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern

* Boston at New York Rangers (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern

* Los Angles Kings at San Jose (NHL) – 10:00pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Do you already miss the month of March?

Daily Noontime – March 23, 2011

Who wants to stop Kobe, especially if he scores 42 points?

It is indeed “hump” day, which means we have approached the middle of the week, but at Noontime Sports, we are always working, so let’s end this conversation and hand you the Daily Noontime for March 23, 2011, have a fantastic day!


* Kobe Bryant led the Los Angles Lakers with 42 points, as well as helped his squad get past the Phoenix Suns in overtime, 139-137.

* The NFL made some changes to their rulebook on Tuesday, but was it smart to have kick-offs at the 35-yard line? We’ll see!

* NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear, “No Replacement Players,” which means Keanu Reeves won’t be allowed to play in September.

* While other leagues, such as the NFL and NHL continue to focus on concussions, the MLB has finally caught on and will want to make sure their players remain healthy too throughout the regular season.

* While Matt Cooke remains suspended for the rest of the season, one particular team, which is the Minnesota Wild seems rather happy about the particular move by the NHL.

* The Dallas Cowboys won’t be happy to hear that their up and coming wide receiver Dez Bryant was ejected from a mall on Saturday.

Games to Watch:

* Atlanta at Philadelphia (NBA) – 7:00pm eastern

* Vancouver at Detroit (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern

* Memphis at Boston (NBA) – 7:30pm eastern

* Orlando at New York Knicks (NBA) – 8:00pm eastern

* Calgary at San Jose (NHL) – 10:00pm eastern

* San Antonio at Denver (NBA) – 10:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Yes, Blake Griffin is a beast, but also, commits fouls.