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Daily Noontime – December 16, 2011

Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons flew past Jacksonville on Thursday, 41-14! (Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports)

Good Friday to all, and welcome into yet another tremendous rendition of the Daily Noontime! Here’s some headlines, and news to jump-start the day! 


* Matt Ryan tossed three touchdowns on Thursday against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday, which helped the Atlanta Falcons win their ninth game of the season, 41-14.

* According to reports — former Dallas Cowboy and current Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd is expected to face drug charges1000 pounds of marijuana per week.

* After losing to the Falcons on Thursday, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew expressed that this particular game was “embarrassing.”

* According to an article from the Denver Post, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has apparently inspired office workers and bosses to be a tad bit nicer these days.

* The Chicago Cubs are heating up their interest in pursuing former Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder.

* NHL.com has confirmed that Philadelphia Flyers defensemen Chris Pronger is expected to be out for the remainder of the season, as well as the playoffs too.

Games to Watch: 

* Toronto at Buffalo (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern 

* Dallas at New Jersey (NHL) – 8:00pm eastern 

* Anaheim at Chicago (NHL) – 8:30pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Here’s another stupendous video about Tim Tebow, enjoy! 

Daily Noontime – December 7, 2011

The Jets defeated the Bruins for the first time this season on Tuesday! (Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports)

Happy “Hump Day” to everyone, and welcome into another quality edition of the Daily Noontime! Here’s some headlines, news and more! 


*Winnipeg handed the Boston Bruins their first loss since October on Tuesday, as the Jets won, 2-1.

* Albert Pujols has yet to make a decision about joining the Florida Marlins. However, as of recently, the St. Louis Cardinals have offered their former slugger $220 million for 10 seasons.

* According to MLB.com — Sources have confirmed that the Seattle Mariners are downplaying their chatter about acquiring Prince Fielder.

* NFL.com has confirmed that the Chicago Bears aren’t interested in acquiring former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

* On Wednesday, the NFL will make an announcement regarding their week 15 flex game, which could entail having New England and Denver square off on Sunday evening instead of the afternoon.

* On Tuesday, the NFL finance committee voted to recommend “Shahid Khan’s bid to buy the [Jacksonville] Jaguars.”

Games to Watch:

* Washington at Ottawa (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at Buffalo (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Perhaps this was Tyler Seguin‘s alarm clock, which didn’t go off on time! 

Daily Noontime – November 11, 2011

Joe Paterno apparently hired a defense lawyer, as more news from Penn State continues to develop!

Happy Friday y’all and welcome to yet another amazing edition of the Daily Noontime!

It’s also Veterans Day, so on behalf of Noontime Sports, we want to say, thank you to the brave men and women who continue to defend our freedom! Here’s some news and headlines, enjoy! 


* According to a recent CBS report — former Penn State football head coach Joe Paterno admitted that he wished he had reported the sexual assault incident sooner that later.

* According to various sources — Paterno hired a criminal lawyer despite not being charged with any crime.

* Carson Palmer and the Oakland Raiders proved that they’re the best team in the AFC West, as they defeated the San Diego Chargers on Thursday, 24-17.

* According to Nolan Ryan, the Texas Rangers are not interested in acquiring Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols for the upcoming season.

* Apparently the Cleveland Browns might consider switching wide receiver Josh Cribbs to running back for their upcoming game this weekend.

* Things seem to be moving in the right direction, as NBA Labor Talks once again have set a new deadline for a deal.

Games to Watch: 

* Washington at New Jersey (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* Dallas at Pittsburgh (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* South Florida at Syracuse (NCAA Football) – 8:00pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Apparently LeBron James is way too cool, and doesn’t like high-fives! 

Daily Noontime – September 28, 2011

It all comes down to ONE MORE GAME!

Whoa … It’s “Hump” Day! Happy Wednesday to everyone and welcome into a grand edition of the Daily Noontime! Let’s kick-off the day with some news and headlines. Also, here’s a shout out to the Boston Red Sox too – Go Get ‘Em! 


* The Boston Red Sox used four home runs to beat the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday to defeat the Baltimore Orioles, 8-7. Also, they’re still tied with the Tampa Bay Rays for the American League Wild Card, who defeated the New York Yankees, 5-3.

* According to the MLB, if there is a two-way tie in the American and National League for the Wild Cards – they’ll play a one-game playoff on Thursday.

* The New York Times broke down the third week of the NFL in a “film review,” so check it out.

* Apparently the NFL has revamped the Super Bowl logo for the championship in 2014, which will be played outdoors at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.

* If you live in Cincinnati – don’t expect to watch the Bengals-Buffalo Bills game because it’s going to be blacked out on television.

* In case you missed it, Milwaukee’s Price Fielder hit three home runs on Tuesday against the Pittsburgh Pirates, which helped the Brewers pick up an important 6-4 win.

Games to Watch: 

* Boston at Baltimore (MLB) – 7:05pm eastern 

* New York Yankees at Tampa Bay (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at Atlanta (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern 

* St. Louis at Houston (MLB) – 8:05pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

The final day of the MLB season has arrived, but there’s four teams fighting for two playoff spots, which means, cue “Don’t Stop Believing!”

Daily Noontime – July 13, 2011

Prince Fielder and the National League took care of business at the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday!

Good Wednesday to EVERYONE and welcome into yet another edition of the Daily Noontime! It’s going to be a swell, but also, amazing day, right? OK, enough motivational advice, here’s Wednesday’s headlines and news! 


* Apparently Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is about to add another endorsement deal to his resume.

* Tuesday was an interesting day for Milwaukee Brewers Price Fielder, who apparently was booed at the 82nd MLB All-Star Game.

* The New York Mets have made an interesting trade recently, as they sent Francisco Rodriguez to the Brewers for a player to be named later.

* So was it a good or bad thing that New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter didn’t appear at the MLB All-Star Game?

* The NBA Lockout continues and well, apparently the league announced Tuesday they’ll give players back their money they’ve earned.

* Apparently the fan who caught Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit this past weekend is in trouble, but why?

Games to Watch: 

USA vs. France (Women’s World Cup) – 11:30AM

Video of the Day: 

Want more MLB All-Star Game stuff? Well, here’s a behind the scene look at the FOX Sports broadcast!