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A Special Moment for Dennis Rodman

By Matt Noonan 

Friday evening was a special one, especially for former Chicago Bull, Detroit Piston, San Antonio Spur, Los Angles Laker and Dallas Maverick, Dennis Rodman, who was officially enshrined into the NBA Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Say what you want about the rebound-machine, but after watching his speech a few times, I got goose bumps.

Rodman, Jordan and Pippen may indeed be the greatest "Big-3" in the NBA!

Rodman, who may indeed be one of the most animated professional athletes of all time was honest, respectful and up-front for roughly 10-minutes. He admitted everything, as well as thanked a few special people, which included his former head coach, Phil Jackson, as well as Bulls teammates, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, but also, his wife and mother.

When it came to Jackson, as well as Jerry Buss, James Rich and Chuck Daly, he stated nothing, but positive things for these former NBA sideline generals. In fact, he expressed his gratitude for all of them, especially when he stated the follow:

“Those four guys, man, I mean… a mentor, a father, someone you could look up to, even call any time of the day. [If you] needed a shoulder to cry on or a hand to shake or just speak your mind and these four guys, if you cremated all these four guys and made them into one, they’re pretty much a perfect individual.” 

As stated above, Rodman was nothing, but honest and respectful on Friday evening, which is something we’re not normally used to, right? Heck, how many remember his various antics or crazy moments? I’m sure we all remember those quite fondly.

Yet, all in all, despite causing chaos on and off the court, Rodman deserved his “12-minutes of fame.”

The forward will always be considered one of the best rebounders in the game and surely, one has to wonder, who’ll be the next, Dennis Rodman? Will there ever be a player of his caliber? Who knows, but again, this was a special evening for Rodman, as well as his entire family and the NBA.

NBA Eastern Conference Finals Preview: Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat

The "Stars" will be shinning brightly in the Eastern Conference Finals, but really, who has the edge in this series?

By Matt Noonan

So, it’s Chicago (1) vs. Miami (2), which I guess is what we all wanted, right?

Didn’t we want to see Derrick Rose challenge LeBron James and Dwyane Wade? I guess, but maybe, we all wanted to see Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen take on the Bulls?

Either way, this series features the best and second best in the Eastern Conference standings, so make sure to pay attention to this particular series, which should feature a great deal of fireworks, electricity and lots of highlight reel moments.

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Noonan: Thoughts on the NBA All-Star Game

I’d say the best way to begin this particular article is to ask a simple question; what exactly is so appealing about All-Star games?

Perhaps, it has something to do with celebrities, bizarre contests and of course, a game that absolutely means nothing, but instead, just showcases extremely out of control plays that would never occur during an actual regular season matchup.

In the case of the NBA All-Star game, this particular event is more of an attraction and showcase, rather than an actual contest itself. Don’t watch this game and think, “Gee, this is what the NBA must be like every night,” because clearly, it is the absolute opposite of what basketball represents. The various men who not only suit up to represent their teams and conferences are not interested in sustaining an injury or playing fundamental defense, but instead, they just want to score as many points as possible.

Does anyone remember when Tracy McGrady tossed the ball off the backboard from the free-throw line and then dunked it a second later? There is an example of what the NBA All-Star game represents, “playground basketball.”

Again, why do Americans choose to turn their attention to a game that means absolutely nothing? Is it fair to take a few hours out of your evening to watch Kobe Bryant drive the baseline against five perennial all-stars? What does watching LeBron James outrun his opponents tell fans and is it really enjoyable to watch both squads not play defense, but instead, wait for multiple “alley-oops” or ridiculous three-point shots?

From my vantage point, I feel that the NBA All-Star game is useless and not necessary, so maybe, David Stern should just reward his players and coaches with a few extra day of rest instead of a circus or fiasco. In fact, it just seems that this entire event has turned into a weekend of partying, chaos and out of control activities. The game itself has no meaning, but so do the various activities that occur throughout the entire three-day period.

Sure, it may seem fun to kick back, relax and watch your favorite celebrities, television stars and rap artists face-off against one another in a game of hoops, but is it really enjoyable? Besides, did we all choose to watch this particular event last Friday due to Justin Bieber’s involvement? It may have been fun to see the 16-year old star blocked by Scottie Pippen, but again, why are we choosing to watch this game? Come on fans, I know not everyone wants to see Jason Alexander cheer from the sidelines or Magic Johnson’s coaching skills.

Then there’s Saturday’s showcase of talented exercises and obstacle courses that can  clearly put one to sleep. How is it so enticing to watch players like Steve  Nash or Chris Paul run up and down the court, weaving in and out of cones, as    well as bouncing the ball into a device that resembles a megaphone? Does anyone  really want to watch their favorite players show off various dunks or the ability to  shoot the long ball 20-times in a row? Come on, who really enjoys the “three-point  challenge?”

As for the game itself, it’s just all around awful basketball. Don’t expect any defense,  plays, sets or formation, but instead, the various athletes showing off their power,  strength and ability to be classified as, “not-human,” but instead, someone with  superb powers. So, how would one describe this game, simply a contest that features  no fundamental basketball, but instead, just a bunch of guys having way too much  fun?

All in all, why is this entire weekend so exciting? What exactly creates the desire to  watch or listen? Is it just because everyone’s favorite players are competing on the same court or could it be just because everyone needs a little more fun added to their lives? Either way, I leave you with the fine understanding that I am not a fan of the NBA All-Star game and would much rather choose to spend my time elsewhere, instead of spending countless hours watching skills competitions and the next “And-1 mixtape” YouTube video.