Boston Ski & Sports Club (BSSC) Looks Forward To Returning To Play


Boston Ski and Sports Club (BSSC) are looking forward to offering sports in a safe manner this summer. (PHOTO COURTESY: BSSC/Ryan Walsh)


A lot has changed in a span of three months due to the ongoing novel coronavirus (Covid-19), including the adult sports world, which has seen an uptick in numerous leagues switching from in-person contests to virtual events like esports, trivia, and blogging, so they can remain connected with their players. 

Providing virtual events has been a great way for members of the Boston Ski & Sports Club (BSSC) community to remain connected. BSSC has offered not just video game tournaments and trivia on its Instagram account for the past few weeks, but also workout tips and recipes from various players, which have been highlighted through its website and social media channels.  

“We definitely made it a point to stay connected with the BSSC community on a weekly basis as much as we could,” said Ryan Walsh, who is the director of marketing and sponsorships with BSSC. “We didn’t want to just switch the lights off and say we’ll see you on the other side of this, so we made somewhat of a pivot to provide different offerings to launching a new section of our business and esports.” 

Esports, as Walsh noted, has become a popular outlet for many over the past few weeks and months, including BSSC players that miss competing on the flag football and soccer fields. BSSC has and continues to run esports tournaments on PlayStation and Xbox – in fact, they are offering one this evening for those interested in competing in FIFA ’20 tournament

“It’s been received extremely well,” Walsh said of his organization’s esports tournaments. “(We) have had over 100 registrations combined throughout all tournaments.” 

While video games, Instagram posts, and blogs have been a great way to stay in touch, Walsh and colleagues are eager to slowly switch back to the in-person format, but only when it safe to do so. \Massachusetts, which is currently in the second phase of its reopening, does permit adult, amateur, and youth sports leagues to resume or startup but without games. Contests would be allowed during the state’s third phase, which is currently scheduled to begin on Monday, June 29. 

Noontime Sports recently spoke with Ryan Walsh about how BSSC has not just stayed connected with its players these past few months, but also how the organization plans to return to the field hopefully this summer. 

With sports being permitted in some capacity in the second phase of the state’s reopening plan, what sort of activities will BSSC offer its athletes (and customers)? 

Our golf leagues were the first thing that could resume playing with multiple night options. We are looking at clinics for certain sports as well in a controllable environment.

Do you imagine your leagues and rules will have to be adjusted due to social distancing and safety measures? Additionally, do you think it is possible to offer some go-to/favorite sports but organize them differently?

Definitely. The rules for reopening are still evolving, but we will err on the side of caution with safety being the main priority. The guidance from the state at this time will not allow sports games to resume until the third phase, which is currently scheduled for Monday, June 29. There will be safety protocols around social distancing, hygiene, staffing, and cleaning, which will affect a lot of the logistics around the games, along with masks being worn by the staff to social distancing between games and team. And sadly, we will not allow high fives. 

We’re awaiting the protocol advice around the actual playing of games. Whatever the guidance, we’re hopeful that some go-to sports can happen with some modifications.


BSSC looks forward to playing soccer games hopefully later this summer. (PHOTO COURTESY: BSSC/Ryan Walsh)

What sport (or leagues) do you think will be in high demand for your athletes? And do you envision most leagues will be held outside? 

Soccer and softball are our two largest sports so those will be in demand once we can safely return to the field and diamond. The second phase of our state’s reopening is only allowing indoor sports for youth, so if this continues into the next phase then we will not be able to offer indoor leagues. However, we will be excited no matter what when games can be played. 

As of now, we have many outdoor league locations, and with folks having been cooped up for so long we think they will be excited to get outside. It also won’t be a surprise to see more of our social sports like kickball receive a boost as we think people will want to rally their friends to get together for that sport. 

Obviously, safety and health will be the main focus when it comes to restarting/running these leagues, so what should players expect after signing up and arriving at the field/facility for their first game (or event)? 

Massachusetts released a set of standards last week for the recreation sector, which again is part of the current phase we’re in. We anticipate that a lot of those standards will continue into the third phase, but we are monitoring that closely and will modify our standards accordingly. 

At this time, however, we think our players should expect some logistical rules around social distancing before and after games to using hand sanitizer and minimizing the use of shared equipment. We will ask players to monitor their health – if they have symptoms then we will politely request that they do not play. And we will be mindful of those players who seem concerned or worried about contracting the virus. 

Finally, does BSSC have leagues scheduled to start either later this month/early July? 

We’ve pushed start dates a few different times at this point, but the short answer is yes, as of now we have start dates in that timeframe but are still waiting to see the developments of the reopening at the moment. 

The BSSC General Statement: Since 1967, Boston Ski & Sports Club’s mission of remaining Boston’s Way to Play continues to reach over 50,000 participants annually. BSSC’s staff remains dedicated to making certain that participants continue to have access to the best events, sports leagues, ski trips, and adventure travel in New England. The focus each year is to remain rooted in our community by offering competitive pricing, a tremendous experience, and a dedication to excellence to create affirmative long-term relationships with our members, participants, and partners.

Simply Social Sports (S3) Boston Is Ready To Return To The Field


Simply Social Sports (S3) Boston is looking forward to playing games this summer. (PHOTO COURTESY: S3 Boston/Jessica Knight)

By Matt Noonan 

As the state of Massachusetts continues to reopen in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there is a sense of excitement for sports and recreational activities to return, including adult leagues, which would be permitted during the second phase.

Governor Charlie Baker is expected to share more information today about the second phase, which would allow adult, amateur, and youth sports leagues to return to the playing field.

The second phase is currely scheduled to begin Monday, June 8.

The news of welcoming back adult sports leagues certainly excited Jessica Knight, who is the founder and league coordinator for Simply Social Sports (S3) Boston.

“We are ready to go,” said Knight, who has been in touch with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department about acquiring permits for upcoming leagues. “(We are) just waiting for the go-ahead.”

Knight says S3 Boston will not be running any leagues until July but does hope to provide a few pickup games for its players in the coming weeks.

As of now, S3 Boston is expected to offer six leagues this summer, beginning as soon as Tuesday, July 7. Four of the six leagues will be softball, while the other two will be beach volleyball at Carson Beach and kickball at Teddy Eberson Field.

Noontime Sports recently caught-up with Jessica Knight to discuss how S3 Boston has stayed in touch with its players virtually these past few months, as well as what she expects leagues to look like once they can officially begin in a few weeks.

Since the pandemic started, how has S3 been able to stay connected with its players? Have you held virtual games or trivia events? 

Yes. S3 Boston began as a social league and our goal was to continue this model throughout the pandemic. We have run weekly happy hours every Friday, as well as hosted some virtual events, including a running group, trivia, and music bingo. We have also shared daily workouts for our players.

Do you imagine your leagues and rules will have to be adjusted due to social distancing and safety measures? Additionally, do you think it is possible to offer some go-to/favorite sports but organize them differently? 

Yes, we will need to incorporate rules around what equipment is shared, what is not shared, social distancing, and face coverings. I have been trying to think through a way to host Cornhole in a safe way – sure, it might be hard to stand six feet apart from each other while using gloves, but I think it is possible.


Simply Social Sports (S3) Boston will offer four softball leagues this summer. (PHOTO COURTESY: S3 Boston/Jessica Knight)

What sport (or leagues) do you think will be in high demand for your athletes this summer? And do you envision most leagues will be held outside? 

This summer will be all outside. I am hopeful to get back indoors in the fall. I think softball and kickball are going to be in the highest demand. Everyone just wants to get back out there.

Obviously, safety and health will be the main focus when it comes to restarting and running leagues, so what should players expect after signing up to arriving to the field for their first game? 

As of right now, we anticipate everyone will need to wear a mask and participate in social distancing as much as possible. We will be cleaning the supplies after each game and using a fresh ball for each contest. If someone falls sick, we will be offering them a prorated refund for the league to eliminate any pressure to show up.

Finally, does S3 Boston have leagues scheduled to start either later this month/early July? 

Yes, they are all up on our website. We will be adding more soon as soon as we receive the permits from the parks department.

To learn more about Simply Social Sports (S3) Boston, visit their website, as well as follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Vermont Cancels High School Spring Sports


Vermont becomes the fifth New England state to cancel its high school spring sports season. (PHOTO COURTESY:

By Matt Noonan 

Earlier this month, the Vermont Principals Association seemed hopeful they could provide their high school student-athletes with a spring sports season. But as of Thursday morning, the VPA announced they have canceled the season due to its state’s “Stay Home Stay Safe” order. 

As noted in a press release on the VPA website, both the organization and its Activities Standards Committee delayed their announcement regarding spring sports with “hopes that some version of a season could be salvaged, but now it is too close to the end of the school year for that to occur.”

Vermont becomes the fifth New England state to cancel its high school sports seasons after Maine and New Hampshire called off their respective seasons earlier this month. Massachusetts and Rhode Island canceled their high school spring seasons last week, while Connecticut announced it would not have a state tournament.

As of this morning, Connecticut remains the only New England state likely to have a high school spring season, but it would only occur if schools were to reopen before the current academic years expires. If Connecticut were to have a high school spring sports season, it would only occur in June.

Daily Noontime: Thursday, March 26th, 2020


By Matt Noonan | @NoontimeNation 

It’s Thursday – hope everyone is doing well and staying safe as usual!

Let’s make today another great day – remember to smile, please! – with a brand new ‘Daily Noontime.’

Noontime’s Headlines for Thursday, March 26th, 2020

On This Date in History

  • 1952: Kansas beat St. John’s in the 14th NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship – the tournament featured the first-ever “Final Four” format.
  • 1979: Michigan State beat Indiana State, 75-64, in the 41st NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, which was the highest-rated game in the history of televised college basketball. And what made this game so special (and exciting) was it started the rivalry of future NBA Hall of Famers Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.
  • 1992: The New York Rangers clinched its first NHL regular-season championship in 50 years.
  • 1997: The NHL announced the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and Vancouver Canucks would open the 1998 season in Japan.

New England D3 Softball Teams Headed To NCAA Tournament

NS Softball Social UPDATE

By | @NoontimeSports 

The 2019 NCAA Division III Softball pairings for the opening weekend were announced this afternoon and a slew of New England teams will be competing this Friday and Saturday, and possibly Sunday if needed.

Below are the local teams that will be competing, as well as where they will be headed, too, along with their first match-up of the tournament.

Host Site: Ithaca College (Ithaca, New York) 

  • Brandeis University vs. Penn State-Berks (Friday, May 10th, 2019)

Host Site: SUNY Cortland (Cortland, New York) 

  • Framingham State vs. Williams College (Friday, May 10th, 2019)

Host Site: Tufts University (Medford, Mass.) 

  • Tufts University vs. St. Joseph’s College (Conn.) (Friday, May 10th, 2019)
  • Eastern Connecticut vs. WPI (Friday, May, 10th, 2019)

Host Site: MIT (Cambridge, Mass.) 

  • MIT vs. Husson University (Friday, May 10th, 2019)
  • Eastern Nazarene vs. Rowan University (Friday, May 10th, 2019)

Host Site: Kean University (Union, New Jersey) 

  • Endicott College vs. Kean University (Friday, May 10th, 2019)