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Mass. College Hoops: Springfield’s Brock, Martin Discuss Setback

By Matt Noonan 

WORCESTER, MA – Following their setback to WPI in the NEWMAC (New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference) championship, Springfield College’s coach Charlie Brock and guard Sean Martin discussed the loss with the media, and below is the transcript from the interviews.


On the setback: “It was a good game. There’s a lot you can say about what went wrong and it’s never easy to talk about anything after a loss, especially like this one. We played really hard and I am proud of our team and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Shots didn’t fall our way and that was the difference.”

On stepping up on offense and defense: “Our team is all about doing what it takes to win. It doesn’t matter who has to do what, but whether someone has to step up on defense or rebound more it doesn’t matter because we’re all having each other’s backs out there and that’s all we try to do. Guys that came in, such as Josh Altman, he played a hell of a game off the bench and it’s stuff like that, which helped keep us in the game.”

On falling short in back-to-back championships: “You never want to lose, especially in the playoffs, so it’s unfortunate.”

On Coach Brock’s message after the game: “Our season’s not done. We’re going to treat this next week just as we would any week. We’re going to prepare for whoever we have to play and whatever tournament.”


On the team’s play: “We struggled offensively and credit for WPI for that. They play very aggressive man-to-man defense and we struggled offensively. We played better in the second half, we shot 50 percent.”

On playing without Alex Berthiaume for most of the first half: “I don’t think we changed anything offensively and other guys picked (up for Alex’s absence due to his three fouls). Matt Pascuzzo had a couple of buckets, Josh Altman had a couple of baskets, so obviously losing the conference leading scorer has an impact on your team, but I thought the guys did a great job of making up for it and putting fourth the effort.”

On defending Ryan Kolb: “Other than double with their perimeter players as good as shooters as they are there’s not much you can do. It was sort of a pick your poison type of situation. Actually, very similar to yesterday because there was one kid that we felt we could double off of and today I didn’t feel that way because they played four guards for most of the second half, as did I.”

On Kolb’s career-game: “He had a great day today. He really went at Robbie (Burke) and Robbie did the best he could and actually one of the things that he does very well is he finds people that are open and that really causes a problem. They’ve got four guards (one of them being Zach Karalis) and (Sam) Longwell, and they’re two wings and (Marco) Coppola I thought had a great game and in the first half he was very hard to deal with and I think he was the other leading scorer for them in the first half, but he’s a tough guard and every time he comes off something Kolb gets loose and then we’ve got to catch up to him, so it’s a nice combination.”

On falling short: “We had our chances, we didn’t do a couple of things that we had to, so that’s all.”

Catching Up With Charlie Brock (Springfield College Men’s Basketball)

Springfield College Pride (Photo Credit: LaxJournal.com)

Springfield College Pride (Photo Credit: LaxJournal.com)

By NoontimeSports.com 

Springfield College’s men’s basketball team shocked the country on Sunday afternoon by handing the fifth ranked WPI Engineers their first setback of the season. At the time of the game, though, WPI was ranked second in the nation.

Earlier today, Noontime Sports caught up with head coach Charlie Brock to discuss his team’s win, as well as his team’s outlook toward their final two regular season contests against Clark University and Wheaton College.

On beating WPI: “Well first of all, we played well on Sunday and to beat a team like WPI you have to (because) they’re very, very good and they are a very, very good shooting team from the perimeter. All of their perimeter guys including Ryan Kolb, who’s an inside player that can shoot three’s really well, so that spreads the floor and creates matchup problems, and secondly I thought when we were (playing at WPI in Worcester) and they forced you to do this they are a very good defensively and they force you to do things that you’re not comfortable with typically and I thought we played with a little bit more patience on Sunday than we did up there, and maybe created a better opportunity for scoring for ourselves.”

On the team’s defense and free throw shooting: “I think we’ve evolved as the season has gone along into a better defensive team, a little bit better understanding of what needs to be done with certain players depending upon the kind of player they are and free throw shooting (is something) we all work on. If there were a miracle cure for how to be a great free throw shooting team, we’d all be doing it. It’s one of those things you don’t find in the manual. And at a crucial time of the game and always in a close game, if you knock them down it makes a difference and we did (against WPI).”

On utilizing every member of the team: “They get comfortable with the rotations with the way we would like to do them. Some things mess that up a little bit like guys getting in foul trouble and Sean Martin got into some trouble against WPI, which gave Matt Pascuzzo an opportunity for more minutes and he gave us a great lift and he’s a little water bug, he’s all over the floor. And Tim Swenson, (who) is in a six-year program, a very challenging physical therapy program and the first two years out of high school, we recruited him, but he didn’t think he was going to have time to play, but this is his first year (on our team and) he’s just now coming into a situation where he’s becoming a little bit more comfortable wit what he can do. He was getting in foul trouble early and he’s settled into that situation a little bit, and he’s a good strong body coming in off the bench. We’ve got some great big guys in our league (like) Will Tashman from MIT is a great player, Brian Vayda from Clark University is a great player, and John Wickey from Babson College is a great player, and Kolb is an outstanding player.”

On how the WPI win will help the Pride: “Well we hope so. Again, you’ve got to play well now at this stage of the game (because) it’s crunch time and every time you put your foot on the floor we’ve got to play well, we’ve got to do certain things well, you have to win the battles of the boards, you have to win the battles of the fouls and you have to win the battles of defensive field goal percentage. One of the factors (from) the WPI game was that we were able to get their shooting percentage a little bit lower than they’re accustomed to and have been doing and it was a factor in the game. It was a 60 point game instead of something in the mid 70’s.”

On finishing the regular season on a strong note: “Right now we’re just taking almost every moment at a time and that’s what we try to sell to the degree to which they buy into that and athletes are kind of fickle and you don’t know what they’re thinking, but the main thing we do now is focus on what we’ve got to do to win a game against a really good Clark team. I was just looking at some of their games and they’ve got three games that they’ve lost by one point, one of them in overtime to Tufts University the other night. They got a win over Eastern Connecticut (a squad) that’s a potential NCAA team early in the year. They go down to New York University and lose by one, and we were able to outlast them the first we played them. It was a great game. Their record is deceiving, they’re really good, they’ve got really good players, they’re very well coached and we’ve just got to live in the moment here and do (our best) and try to limit what they want to do and see if we can win the game.”

On the play of Alex Berthiaume: “Well he does a great job of making players around him better. He’s an outstanding passer. He’s a very good ball handler and he contributes to the team’s success for sure in so many ways. The thing that’s interesting about him was last year it was kind of an unknown and even during the course of the year even though he was having great games he was still an unknown, but he wasn’t an unknown this year and so he becomes a focus for teams going against him. If (teams are) going to beat us, they’ll have to limit what he does and that’s what made it more difficult for him. He did sustain an injury just before the holidays and actually over the past couple of weeks has really just ironed itself out to where earlier in January he was a little bit hampered by it. I think he’s very healthy right now, but we’re waiting on another player that we lost (Jordan Rote) a couple of weeks ago and he hasn’t played the last four games and one of those games (was against WPI in Worcester and we were) learning to play without Jordan because he brings such a different kind of look to (our unit). He’s a (player that can get inside), and the kid that replaced him (Nick Sienkiewicz) had a monster game against WPI the other day and he’s a different player, so as a team we’re getting used to that and we’re hopeful that we get Jordan back full strength for the tournament and that’s kind of a long range goal we’ve got right now.”

On being successful in the NEWMAC tournament: “I think any (team from the conference) is capable (of winning the tournament). In order to get there and win it, you can’t stain any injuries to key players, you’ve got to play with smarts (because) you’re doing executing and doing things well, not turning the ball over and taking care of it, and defensively now it becomes even more of a premium because as we go along every game gets tougher and tougher and kids playing harder and harder, so I think if you look at some of the scores of our league against teams from other leagues, we’ve been able to do pretty well, so I think any (team) could make some hay in the tournament.”

Mass. College Hoops: Springfield Snaps WPI’s 22-Game Winning Streak (VIDEO)

By Matt Noonan 

Sunday was an exciting day for Pride fans, as Springfield College’s men’s basketball team snapped WPI’s 22-game winning streak with a 66-60 victory in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Alex Berthiaume paced the Pride with 20 points, Nick Sienkiewicz chipped in 19 points, while Springfield finished 24 of 30 from the stripe.

Below are highlights from Sunday’s tilt from the Springfield College YouTube channel:

Springfield’s Brock Focused On Spreading The Word About ‘Be The Match’ Program

By Matt Noonan 

Earlier this week, Springfield College published a release on their athletic website promoting an important upcoming event called, “Be The Match” program.

The program is designed to find a bone marrow donor for Jon, who is a member of the Eastern Connecticut College men’s soccer team. He was diagnosed this past September with Aplastic Anemia and needs a life saving bone marrow transplant. And unfortunately for Jon, his family doesn’t have a match, which has forced him to look to the marrow registry for a donor.

Springfield’s men’s basketball team, which has taken the lead on this particular campaign, will be holding a marrow drive on Sunday, December 9 at the Flynn Campus Union Center. And according to head coach Charlie Brock, the team has been encouraging members of the college community over the past week to come out and support this incredible cause.

“We’ve got an interesting [group of] coaches and players and teams that have such a network and with the social media the way it is the word is out there all over the place, and we’ve gotten some local schools [nearby] that are going to be involved, [and they are] AIC, Western New England College and Westfield State,” said Brock.

“I have three kids and this could be anyone of mine, so immediately it hit home in that regard [because] it just came out of nowhere and leveled the kid where he can’t get out of the hospital, and the only thing that’s going to save him is a bone marrow transplant.”

In order to be an eligible match, one has to be between the ages of 18 and 44 and meet all the health guideline, too.

Yet, despite not being in the age bracket, Brock is focused on doing everything he can to find that exact bone marrow for Jon.

“My move so far has just been to contact as many people as possible,” Brock said. “We’ve got the athletic department involved and that includes 25 coaches and a bunch of different teams.

“We’re putting posters up on campus and the same thing is happening at AIC and WNEC with posters going up, so, we’re putting it up everywhere we can and see if we can get as many people to come to campus. [Also, we’re utilizing] social media to see if we can get as many people as possible to contribute in other ways if they can.

“The age limit is 18-44 and I don’t qualify and certainly not because I’m under 18, so I’m contributing in a different way monetarily and if we can get that that’s great, but just as much as we can spread the word that’s what we’re trying to do.”

We’ll have more from our interview with Coach Brock later this week, as well as information about the event, but if you’re interested in donating money or registering your name to the bone marrow list — HOP HERE for more information. 

Springfield College Men’s Basketball To Participate In “Be The Match” (LINK)

By Matt Noonan 

Courtesy of our friend Brian Magoffin, who is the Interim Director of Sports Communication at Springfield College, here is a link to an important event the men’s basketball team will be participating in on Dec. 9.

According to the release on the athletic website, the basketball team will holding a marrow drive on campus at the Flynn Campus Union and students, faculty and staff members are invited to attend.

We’ll have more on “Be The Match” tomorrow, but in the meantime — HOP HERE for more information on this event.