NFL 2012: AFC East Preview

By Matt Noonan 

The AFC East may not be the flashiest division this season, but don’t underestimate Buffalo, New York or Miami. All three teams have challenged the Patriots over the past few seasons, and can certainly provide the unnecessary head ache to Patriots coaches, fans and players, especially when they least expect it.

However, New England shouldn’t have a problem winning this division, but keep your eyes on the Bills and Jets.

1.) New England Patriots (12-4) – Some analysts believe this team may mimic their record-breaking performance from 2007, while others think they’re a shoe-in for this year’s Super Bowl. In order for the Patriots to be successful, they’ll need rookies Chandler Jones and Dont’a Hightower to pressure opposing quarterbacks and provide all sorts of havoc.

Will Chandler Jones be the Patriots most valuable defensive player this season? We’ll see! (Photo Credit:

2.) Buffalo Bills (9-7) – The Bills bolted out of the gate last season, but couldn’t maintain their momentum, as injuries and errors derailed their chances of a successful season. This year, Buffalo added Mario Williams and Mark Anderson to their defense, and drafted two potential studs in Cordy Glenn and Stephon Gilmore. The usual cast is back on offense – Ryan Fitzpatrick, Fred Jackson and Steve Johnson, but the main question from last year remains: Can they stay healthy? Also, can they be consistent, too?

3.) New York Jets (7-9) – No offense Jets fans, but your team is in complete disarray. New York didn’t locate the end zone until their fourth preseason game, and there’s still questions surrounding their offense and defense. Yet, probably one of the biggest sagas surrounding this team is when will Rex Ryan swap Tim Tebow for Mark Sanchez?

4.) Miami Dolphins (5-11) – There will be a lot of ups and downs this season for the Dolphins, but expect Miami to conclude their year with at least four or five wins.

Should Your Team Sign Terrell Owens? Here’s Some Thoughts!

Would you want T.O. to play for your team?

By Matt Noonan 

According to multiple reports, Terrell Owens is expected to work out on Tuesday in California, but it’s not certain how many teams will attend his individual training session.

Owens is coming off anterior cruciate ligament surgery, but hopes to play a 16th season. However, many team representitives are quite skeptical about his physical ability, but it’s probable that some squad will take a chance on the highly touted receiver.

Here are just a few teams that might be interested in acquiring Owens.

Buffalo Bills – He played for the Bills in ‘09, but with the team’s recent success, I could see Owens returning to “North America’s team,” so he can help Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson contend for an AFC East crown. With Owens in the line-up, it would most likely help Steve Johnson and Donald Jones catch more passes, as well as open up the run game even more.

Denver BroncosTim Tebow mania is officially underway in the “Mile High” city, but adding Owens might help the young gunslinger, as well as the team’s offense. Tebow doesn’t exactly have a star-studded cast around him, but in a division that’s a complete toss up, (sorry Chargers fans), he could certainly help or at least provide a much-needed spark for the remainder of the season.

Washington Redskins – With Santana Moss sidelined for roughly the next five-seven weeks, why wouldn’t Mike Shanahan roll the dice? The NFC East is a complete mess and no team has emerged from the pack, so possibly adding Owens might help. He’d likely be the number one receiver on the depth chart, and could be a valuable weapon for quarterback John Beck.

San Francisco 49ers – Why wouldn’t T.O. not want to return to the “City by the Bay?” As of recently, they’re winning and leading the NFC West too, so maybe he’d want to join a possible contender. The NFL season is still far from over, but adding him to the offense might make San Francisco even scarier.

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