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Daily Noontime: Monday, February 1, 2021

By NoontimeSports.com

Happy Monday, everyone, and welcome to the first day of February!

We’re expecting a nor’easter to arrive in our neighborhood shortly, so please make sure your car is parked on the correct side of the street as we certainly don’t want complaints of parking tickets flooding our email inbox tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday.

Yet, before the snow, rain, and slush arrive, allow us to kickstart the day with a brand new Daily Noontime for Monday, February 1, 2021.

As usual, be well, stay safe, hold the line, and smile – we’re almost there!

Monday’s Headlines & Links (February 1, 2021)

  • Let’s start the day with perhaps the biggest news blast (and update) in our email this morning: Theo Epstein, who guided both the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs to World Series victories as en executive for both ball clubs, has joined Arctos Sports Partners, which is a firm that buys minority shares of pro clubs.

    Today’s announcement comes just one day after an SB Nation shared an interesting post (and read) from The Athletic, which asked the following question: who should be the next Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner?

    As we all know, Rob Manfred is the current MLB Commissioner, but putting Theo Epstein in charge may not be a bad idea as the sport could certainly use his help with being just as innovative as the other professional leagues.
  • Welcome to Super Bowl week, which promises to be quite different due to the coronavirus pandemic. But as one sports writer – Jay Mariottiwonders (and writes), is reaching the championship game a win for the National Football League (NFL) or perhaps a sign that our country has turned a blind eye to this deadly virus?
  • College basketball conference championships are on the horizon, which seems crazy, right? But as one west coast reporter write, the Pac-12 is not planning to cancel its conference tournament next month.

    Similar to NCAA D-I college football, the college basketball season has not been pretty – we have seen a lot of starts and stops, along with some programs calling it quits, but don’t be surprised if you see some teams or conferences pull the plug on their respective postseason.
  • The Los Angeles Rams apparently have a new quarterback for the 2021 season as they sent Jared Goff to the Detroit Lions in exchange for Matthew Stafford. But prior to acquiring Matthew Stafford late Saturday evening, the Rams tried to trade for Aaron Rodgers, but the Green Bay Packers said, “no way!”

Monday’s Podcast Alert 🚨

  • Today on the Noontime Sports Podcast, Matt Noonan welcomes Scottie Rodgers, who is the director of communications with the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas.

    Noonan and Rodgers discuss how the sports communication world has changed due to the pandemic, including how Zoom press conferences could be part of the “new normal.” Rodgers also discussed his role (and involvement) with the Racial and Social Justice Initiative Planning Committee and Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
  • You can listen to today’s interview, as well as past shows by visiting our Anchor page!

We’ll be back with more later today, but for now, be well, stay safe, and smile, everyone!

Daily Noontime – October 26, 2011

Ben Cherington is in and Theo is out!

Happy Wednesday to everyone and welcome into another splendid edition of the Daily Noontime! Here’s some great news and notes to kick-start your day! 


* The Boston Red Sox introduced the team’s new General Manager on Tuesday, Ben Cherington, while the Chicago Cubs named Theo Epstein their president of baseball operations.

* According to the Red Sox, John Lackey will undergo Tommy John surgery on his pitching elbow and will most likely not pitch again until the 2013 season.

* Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell has made it clear – he’s staying with his team, and won’t relocate to Boston or Chicago.

* Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and quarterback Joe Flacco admitted they both deserve the blame for Monday’s loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

* Apparently Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden are interested in obtaining the Miami Dolphins head coaching job next season.

Games to Watch: 

* Philadelphia at Montreal (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern 

* Texas at St. Louis (MLB/World Series/ Game 6) – 8:05pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

What’s better – the broadcast or Hail Mary? 

Daily Noontime – October 24, 2011

The Saints beat-up the Colts on Sunday with a 62-7 victory!

Happy Monday y’all and welcome into another marvelous edition of the Daily Noontime! Here’s the day’s headlines and news, enjoy! 


* The New Orleans Saints had a record-setting night, as they posted 62-points against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

* DeMarco Murray had a career day against the St. Louis Rams, as the rookie running back rushed for 253 yards and one touchdown in Dallas’s third win of the season.

* New York Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burress had a big game against the San Diego Chargers, as he caught three touchdown passes from Mark Sanchez, which helped “Gang Green” win their fourth game at home this season.

* Derek Holland and the Texas Rangers defeated the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday evening, as well as won Game 4 of the World Series, 4-0.

* San Diego Chargers cornerback Quentin Jammer claimed as of recently that the referees “gave” the New York Jets the game, which is completely untrue, right?

* According to sources, the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs won’t discuss compensation for Theo Epstein until later this week.

Games to Watch: 

* Toronto at Philadelphia (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern 

* St. Louis at Texas (MLB/World Series/Game 5) – 8:05pm eastern 

* Baltimore at Jacksonville (NFL) – 8:30pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Could you put the ball in the hoop from the rafters? 

Theo’s Out, Ben’s In – Time For Cherington To Lead The Red Sox To Victory

Ben Cherington will officially become the next Red Sox GM on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011! (Picture courtesy of MassLive.com)

By Matt Noonan 

I think it’s fair to say, we won’t be seeing Theo Epstein anymore, as reports on Friday evening confirmed the Red Sox General Manager has officially packed up and departed Fenway Park for good. And now that Theo’s left the building, (sorry Elvis), I think it’s time to begin the next phase with Ben Cherington.

Cherington will officially be introduced to the media on Tuesday, as he’ll be sworn into office, but after every handshake, smile and question, he’ll need to hunker down and get his team back on track. And the first order of business is finding a new manager.

Terry Francona won’t be coming back, and neither will John McNamara or Don Zimmer, but what Boston needs is a hard-nosed tough guy that can make an immediate impact, and help players understand that the clubhouse isn’t a country club.

They need someone who’ll throw out the empty boxes of chicken, and pour the beer down the sink. They need someone who has dealt with “head cases” before and is ready to take on the great Josh Beckett and John Lackey, but really, they need someone who can turn this sinking ship around immediately.

For the past two seasons, Boston fans have watched their team suffer, and finish in third place, which isn’t exactly where Theo and his cronies imagined they’d be after 162-games. However, Cherington knows what it takes to win. He’s been apart of this organization since 1999 and has experienced two World Series titles in 2004 and 2007, so I’d imagine that he’d like to win another championship soon.

Hopefully Boston fans will adopt Cherington’s methods, especially since his former co-worker won’t be stirring up media drama in Boston, but instead, Chicago. Cherington will certainly need to reshape this roster, as well as find a way to get rid of players that aren’t committed to winning.

The drama on Yawkee Way will certainly continue for the next few months, but at least the men and women who work for this fine organization can say, “We’ve officially found our new GM.”

Noonan: This Red Sox Team Is A Mess

The 2011 Boston Red Sox was a complete disaster!

By Matt Noonan 

Let’s face it – the Boston Red Sox are a complete disaster.

General Manager Theo Epstein constructed this mess and now, he’s most likely headed to Chicago to resurrect the “Loveable Losers,” but it’s not exactly certain.

Yes, sources have confirmed that he’s gone, and have packed his bags, which leave many Sox fans quite disappointed, especially since we all adopted the idea that in Theo we trust, right? OK, he’s not Bill Belichick, but he did win two World Series titles, so I am sure some believed he was the man who was going to turn two back-to-back losing seasons into gold, as well as another championship too.

Yet, while Theo played hardball with the media, beat writers, correspondents and bloggers fired back at the front office and their team.

On Thursday, the Boston Globe’s Bob Hohler provided the ultimate press-pass to  his readers, which had plenty of dirt and information on this so-called “collapse.” Hohler reemphasized the drinking issues, which was mentioned in a Boston Herald article recently, as well as highlighted Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and John Lackey’s fraternity parties in the team’s clubhouse during games. Finally, we also learned that team owner John Henry bribed his bunch of ignorant brats with $300 headphones and night on his yacht, but that didn’t help Boston overcome their September swoon.

So, while the days get shorter and the nights get longer, Red Sox fans are faced with many tough questions and thoughts.

Why exactly did Theo decide to interview for the Chicago Cubs General Manager position?

Why didn’t anyone in the Red Sox front office consider re-signing Manager Terry Francona to a new contract?

Can someone explain to me, why Beckett, Lester and Lackey felt it was necessary to play video games, drink beers and play videogames during Sox games?

Finally, where do we go from here? Also, who’s going to manage this club and who’s most likely to be the squad’s next GM?

Well, for starters, it seems most likely that Ben Cherington will be Boston’s newest version of Theo, yet that leaves one big void… a manager.

Don’t try to convince me by saying, “Joe Torre or Tony La Russa are the right guys for this team” because really, they’re not.

The Red Sox need a Bill Parcells or a Bobby Knight to come into this disgruntled clubhouse and change things around. Hey, maybe Knight would be the right guy, especially since he’s a master at throwing chairs.

Yet, while we wait patiently and ponder, what will the next move be in this epic game of “baseball chess,” I think it’s fair to state once again, this Red Sox team is a complete dysfunctional family. They need help. They need someone who can clean house, and press the restart button. Yet, unfortunately, this isn’t a videogame or monopoly, so we can’t avoid take fake money and throw it out the window, but the Sox do need someone who’ll get the team back on the right tracks.

It’s going to be a long off-season, so put on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride because come February and March, we’ll have a brand new ballgame.